DIY All Natural Deodorant

There are so many reasons why I wanted to switch to an all natural deodorant. When I was nursing my third child, Brent (now 15 months), I decided it was more important than ever to try an all natural alternative.

I tried so many different options of the natural stuff and would spend far too long pondering the options at Whole Foods. But none of them smelled good or worked like I wanted or needed them to. 

A good friend of mine and fellow DIY mom, Melanie (Owner of Petit Elephant NYC) and I decided to hit the kitchen and cook up our own version! And we got to choose the scent and how much or little protection we wanted. A win, win!! Right?!

What you'll need:

  1. All natural shea butter 1/4 Cup
  2. All natural coconut oil 1/4 Cup
  3. Arrow Root 1/4 Cup
  4. Baking Soda 3 tbsp.
  5. Essential Oil Scent appx 15 drops
  6. Storage Containers 
  7. Double boiler

Start by combining the shea butter and coconut oil on low heat using the double boiler. Once liquified, turn the heat off. Add the essential oils. I recommend a baby powder scent to mimic store bought deodorant scents. But a fresh scent like peppermint or lavender also work really well. Carefully remove the bowl from the double boiler. It will be hot! Once this has cooled for a few minutes you can then add the arrow root powder and the baking soda. Depending on how much protection you need, you can add more or less of these powders. The arrow root helps with absorbing moisture. The baking soda helps reduce odor.

Then pour the mixture into a container. Place the container into the fridge to cool. Once cooled, this can be stored in the bathroom cabinet for daily use. If stored in a cool environment and in an air tight container, this can last up to a year!

Candy Cane Cocoa-Butter Cream

Make your own super rich, smooth and creamy cocoa butter right at home... And make it smell like anything you'd like.  Trust me it's way easier than waiting in long holiday shopping lines at the mall and paying a fortune for the seasonal scents. 

My kids love candy canes and with the cold weather months upon us, their little bodies are craving the extra moisture. So instead of buying lotion from the store with tons of unnecessary ingredients, I decided I would make them a small batch of hand-made whipped cocoa butter cream right at home. And they get to smell like sugary sweet peppermint treats! What could be better?

Here is how I made this:

  1. Raw Cocoa Butter (3/4 Cups)
  2. Raw Shea Butter (3/4 Cups)
  3. Coconut Oil (3/4 Cups)
  4. Essential Oil in Candy Cane Scent (15 Drops)
  5. Food Dye (1/8 Tsp)

Combine the Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Coconut Oil together in a double boiler on low heat. Once combined, add the Essential Oils. Place in refrigerator for 30-40 minutes or until the mixture is soft but starting to harden. Use a hand mixer and beat the ingredients with the Food Dye, until the mixture is light and whipped.

Add to a small jar or container for storing. This has a long shelf life (appx 1 year) if kept in a cool environment. If the mixture starts to soften move to a cooler place. 

DIY Hostess Gift- Pumpkin Pie Hand Soap

Visiting family or friends this holiday season? Well, make a gift they will love and cherish because it was hand made by you!

This project is probably the quickest DIY project I've done yet. And let me tell you, the scent is AMAZING. It's not too sugary sweet like the store bought soaps. This has the true scent of pumpkin pie. Also, the oils are good for so many things and have a long shelf life. This project may actually save you money!

Here is what you'll need:

Then combine 8-10 drops of the essential oil to the soap. Stir in 2 large drops of the food dye. Stir with a knife or stick to combine. Then carefully pour the mixture into the glass bottle. Label the bottle with the name of the soap and to add even more of a personal touch, use a ribbon and hand-written note. This is sure to impress!