DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

DIY Flora 16_Fotor.jpg

The holidays can be expensive but if you are hosting a gathering you don't want it to look like you are cutting corners. Between the food, drinks, and decor... there's a lot to think about. That's why I just love this DIY. Don't blow your budget on flowers but make it look like you did!


Plus, it's super simple and anyone can do it. Not crafty, don't worry. You don't have to be. Follow my easy steps and you can do it too. If you do love a good craft like I do, then have fun and make this centerpiece shine with your own creative touch. The money saved can go right back in your wallet for all the other expenses you'll have this season. The cost of all the materials is less than what one arrangement from a florist will cost. 

DIYFloral 5.jpg

Start by looking at the vases you have at home. If you have some that fit the look of that event, great! But you can also find super inexpensive vases from almost anywhere these days. Try your local discount store or even the grocery store which is where I found mine for less than $7.00 each.

DIYFloral 4.jpg

Then lay out all your flowers. Make sure to have a nice sharp pair of scissors for cutting the stems.

DIYFloral 2.jpg

To make the arrangement look chic, modern and elegant try sticking to a classic color palate. Keep it simple and sophisticated. I loved the flowers I found at the Wholefoods Market in my neighborhood. I chose these gorgeous autumn shades of rich burnt orange and this unique green flower that resembles the same shape as the roses. I used a smaller wider vase to display the rose centerpiece. You don't want a tall floral arrangement if your table is small as it will block the view of your guests. And cut the stems all the same length to make this beautiful centerpiece! To make it more Thanksgiving inspired, add a touch of this rustic dried wheat stalk. 

DIYFloral 6.jpg

For the tulip arrangement, I love the simplicity of the tulip and wanted to showcase that. I used a taller muted orange glass vase and I left the stems natural long length. I also added a little touch of the wheat stalks. I just know my guests will love them too! 

diy floral 14.jpg