Earth Friendly Urban Planter DIY

PLanter 34.jpg

I love when Spring rolls around and I get to plant/garden with the kids. I don’t have a green thumb but for some reason I still love doing this every year. I think its because we had a house upstate for years when the kids were little. We had a big garden and would spend so much time on it every Spring. I’d bring the kids with me to the local farm and I let the kids pick out what they wanted to plant. My husband and I would even dream big. We planted tomatoes, lavender and even a few apple trees. The only thing that grew like crazy was the mint. Apparently mint is a weed but I wasn’t complaining! I loved using it in recipes and teas.

PLanter 27.jpg

So this Spring I knew I wanted to do something fun for the kids but I need it to fit in with our current lifestyle… in a high-rise building with no outdoor space! That’s how I came up with this super chic and rustic DIY planter.
I used recycled glass jars from our yogurt and a few white rocks, a little paint and voila! I am so happy with how this boho chic urban planter came out!

PLanter 31.jpg

This season we chose to grow lavender, sunflowers and basil. I know sunflowers are a one of the easiest things to grown indoors but I also love lavender and basil. so why not give it a shot! Its so fun to see what grows! I love the scent of lavender, its one of my favorites. Sunflowers are just so full of life and always follow the way the sun shines which I think is so cool and something I’ll teach and show the kids. Then there is basil, it’s one of those herbs that I can always find a way to use. It’s probably because I love Italian food but the idea of having fresh basil on hand, just in case! Just makes me so happy..

PLanter 6.jpg

I also wanted to get the kids in on the fun so I bought them their own little mini planter to paint (they ended up mimicking mine, which I didn’t mind at all) and planting their own recycoled glass planters. Check out how into it they were! Brinkley helping Brent and Brent just soaking it all in… what a great way to kick off Spring! Now just prayers that they grow:)

Here is what we used:

PLanter 3.jpg
  1. Indoor Potting Soil

  2. Seed Packets

  3. Recycled Wood Planter Box (smaller ones for the kids. Both avail. at Michaels)

  4. White Acrylic Paint

  5. White Stones

  6. Recyled Glass Jars (from our yogurt)

  7. Paint Brushes

Start by painting the wooden planter. Use a ruler if needed. I love the bold white stripe down the center. I let the kids paint what ever they liked on theirs.

PLanter 10.jpg
planter 12.jpg
PLanter 14.jpg

Then we filled the recycled glass jars with small stones. This looks great but also helps with the water drainage in the soil. Then, we layered on the soil.

PLanter 20.jpg
PLanter 22.jpg

Now you are ready to plant your seeds. We all chose what seeds we wanted to plant. You’ll need to poke a small hole in the soil before placing down the seeds. Every seed is different and some need to be deeper in the soil where as some lay closer to the top layer. So read the back of your plant packets for the best results.

PLanter 29.jpg

Lastly we added stones to our planter bases and then added the glass jars! How cute did these turn out?!!

PLanter 30.jpg
PLanter 32.jpg

Give One Last Life to Those Leftover Pumpkins

thanksgiving Pumpkin.jpg

Have a few left over pumpkins laying around till Thanksgiving? This is the craft for you...

I hate to get rid of the pumpkins right after Halloween so I tend to save them as long as I can. A few last until Thanksgiving and I didn’t want to see them go to waste…

thanksgiving Pumpkin 20.jpg

That’s why I love this craft! Transform your pumpkins into gorgeous planter centerpieces!

thanksgiving Pumpkin 19.jpg

It is super easy and will add that perfect autumn touch to any holiday decor. Many of you have already moved on to Christmas, but if you are like me and wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, then you will need to try out this craft. Give one last life to those gorgeous pumpkins you all had so much fun picking just a few weeks ago.

thanksgiving Pumpkin 1.jpg

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Medium Pumpkins

  2. Potted Plants

  3. Sharp Knife

  4. Large Spoon

First you will need to decide which plant will go into which pumpkin. I only had a few pumpkins left for this project and I chose one medium size mum plant and a smaller single Brassica cabbage plant. So I decided to use the larger pumpkin for the mums and the smaller pumpkin for the single cabbage.

thanksgiving Pumpkin 3.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 5.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 6.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 9.jpg

Then I started carving off the top of the pumpkin like I would if I were making a jack-o-lantern. I then cleaned out a small portion of the inside of the pumpkin leaving enough to support the plant. You’ll need to make sure the plant doesn’t sink down in the pumpkin. The easiest way to figure this out is to see how large the pot is and only take out approximately that much of the inners. I left mine just a bit higher to allow for some sinkage.

thanksgiving Pumpkin 11.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 12'.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 13.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 14.jpg

Do this for all your leftover pumpkins and enjoy them as Thanksgiving decor, on you mantle or as a centerpiece! I love being able to cherish the last few days of the Fall vibes before they get pushed aside for Christmas!

thanksgiving Pumpkin 16.jpg

Spooky Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 9.jpg

I love adding personal touches to our holiday decor and this Halloween I’ve incorporated that by creating our own DIY Chalkboard Painted Pumpkin. Try adding a spooky and clever message or simply your last name. Even get the kids in on the fun by having them draw their own spooky creation or scary message!

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 2.jpg

This craft works best for medium to large sized pumpkins. Pick your choice of color, we used an orange pumpkin and I just loved how it turned out!

Here is what you’ll need:

Chalkboard Paint pumpkin.jpg
  1. Basic Chalk Board Paint

  2. Medium to Large Size Pumpkin

  3. Chalk

  4. Paint Brush

Start by finding the flattest area of the pumpkin. Then make an outline of the shape lightly with pencil if needed. Fill the space neatly with the chalkboard paint. Add one to two coats. Let dry overnight.

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 3.jpg
Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 5.jpg

The next day I gave the pumpkin to Brinkley to decorate the way she wanted. She had a blast and loved seeing her get into the halloween spirit writing BOO!

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 10.jpg

Dip and Roll Glitter Pumpkins!

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 9.jpg

I love decorating for Fall but I realized I was getting board with the simple look of my pumpkin selection. Although beautiful, I knew I could make them look even better and I wanted to coordinate with the colors of my home which are grey and whites. So I picked out a stunning white pumpkin from our visit to the pumpkin patch, grabbed the perfect shade of metallic paint and matching glitter! You can also try a few shades of fun pastels with iridescent glitter for a pretty assortment.

I have taken the guess work out of jazzing up the basic pumpkin with this super easy and glittery craft! Fun for all ages.

Not sure if you are crafty but you want to try? This craft is perfect for you. It’s super simple but has a gorgeous result.

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 8.jpg

Here is what I used:

Dip and Roll Pumpkin.jpg
  1. Medium Sized White Pumpkin

  2. Silver Metallic Acrylic Paint

  3. Jumbo Glitter in Silver

  4. 3 Disposable Plates

  5. Paint Brush for smoothing out the paint

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 2.jpg

Start by putting the paint on the paper or plastic plate. I used a about 1/4th of the bottle so don’t overdo it because you’ll just waste the extra paint. Let the paint settle on the plate or shake it gently to cover most of the plate.

On the second plate, place the glitter making sure to add enough that the plate is mostly covered.

The third plate will be for the pumpkin to dry so place this out as well.

Then you will simply take the pumpkin by the stem and carefully dip the bottom portion in the paint. Use the brush if necessary to make an even line and to smooth out any large globs or drips.

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 3.jpg

Then take the pumpkin and roll it into the glitter. Make sure to cover all parts of the wet paint with glitter.

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 5.jpg

Let dry over night. *Tip- The bottom of the pumpkin will not dry, so let dry another day on its side until all parts of the pumpkin are dry.

Mix and match these with other colors or metallic shades for a fun elegant take on Halloween Decor!

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 6.jpg

Treat Yourself This Mother's Day!

Foot Soak 4.jpg

Don't wait for that much needed and much deserved spa day gift card you are hoping to receive this Mother's Day! Pamper yourself today, right in the luxury of your own home. No babysitters needed!

We can all relate that when it comes to getting "me" time, planning is tricky and it is virtually impossible. I can't remember the last time I was able to sit back and relax not stressing over the time and where I need to be and what I need to be doing. That's exactly why I decided I needed to just chill! And doing so at home on my own time was what I needed to actually feel relaxed.

foot soak 9.jpg

On the rare occasion that Brent takes his nap earlier enough for me to do something, anything, before I am running to get to the school pick up for the older two I have a small pocket of time to myself. Sure, I normally would be cleaning or doing a million other things but this time I planned for my little at-home pampering session. You can squeeze it in too! Even at night when the kids are sleeping... it was just so amazing and it made me feel so good... for days. My feet at thanking me. And your's will too!

Here is what you'll need:

Foot Soak.jpg
foot soak 8.jpg
foot soak 6.jpg

To set up this luxurious at home foot soak you'll first start by filling the bowl up with hot water about 3/4 of the way.  Have all the material near by and rest your feet in the warm water. First add the bath bomb into the bowl and enjoy the aroma as the bath bomb moisturizes and cleans your feet.

foot soak 11.jpg

Then, add the salts which have beneficial minerals and nutrients that will help keep your skin smooth and soft. Breath in the relaxing scent and sit back as the salts do their work!

foot soak 15.jpg

Lastly, finish by using a gentle scented scrub to remove any dead skin on your legs and feet. Focus on the heels and then carefully rinse with the water. 

foot soak 13.jpg
foot soak 12.jpg

Wrap, your feet in the warm towel and let all yourself enjoy it. This is your time and you will be thanking yourself for making even just this small bit of time just for you!

foot soak 10.jpg

Pick Your Scent - DIY Massage Oil

DIY Massage Oil 15.jpg

Valentines Day is here yet again and after being married for oh, so many years I wanted to come up with something super sexy and unique this holiday. I love creating my own scents using essential oils and having the right balance of fragrance is hard to come by. Buying store bough options can normally be too strong or too sweet smelling or have no scent at all. That's why I love this gift because you can make it your own! Plus, giving a gift from the heart and something you've made with love yourself is the best gift of all. 

Start by buying high quality essential oils that are for use on the skin. Some oils are made for burning or for candle making and are too harsh for use in a body massage oil.

DIY Massage Oil 2.jpg

I bought this nice little kit by Laguna Moon that offers the best scents for relaxation and stress relief. Perfect for a relaxing massage! 

DIY Massage Oil 5.jpg

Then you will need to purchase an unscented massage oil. I love the quality of this oil but there are many options online that you can choose from. This is what I bought by Soothing Touch. I had a glass pump bottle at home but here is a link to something similar perfect for this gift! Glass Pump Bottle

Find a scent profile you like. Forexample, if you are looking for something more soothing and spa like you will want to use something scents like eucalyptus and lavender. These scents are very relaxing and soothing. If you enjoy something sweeter, try scents like citrus or even chocolate! That would be perfect for this holiday!

DIY Massage Oil 8.jpg
DIY Massage Oil 11.jpg

I love the mix of relaxing scents like lavender with a little citrus. So I paired the orange oil with the lanvendar. Then, I decided to add just a touch of the eucalyptus. I think all was well balanced and had the perfect mix that I was looking for and I knew my husband would enjoy!

Give the gift that keeps giving back and I think your significant other will just love whats in store!

DIY Massage Oil 16.jpg

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

DIY Flora 16_Fotor.jpg

The holidays can be expensive but if you are hosting a gathering you don't want it to look like you are cutting corners. Between the food, drinks, and decor... there's a lot to think about. That's why I just love this DIY. Don't blow your budget on flowers but make it look like you did!


Plus, it's super simple and anyone can do it. Not crafty, don't worry. You don't have to be. Follow my easy steps and you can do it too. If you do love a good craft like I do, then have fun and make this centerpiece shine with your own creative touch. The money saved can go right back in your wallet for all the other expenses you'll have this season. The cost of all the materials is less than what one arrangement from a florist will cost. 

DIYFloral 5.jpg

Start by looking at the vases you have at home. If you have some that fit the look of that event, great! But you can also find super inexpensive vases from almost anywhere these days. Try your local discount store or even the grocery store which is where I found mine for less than $7.00 each.

DIYFloral 4.jpg

Then lay out all your flowers. Make sure to have a nice sharp pair of scissors for cutting the stems.

DIYFloral 2.jpg

To make the arrangement look chic, modern and elegant try sticking to a classic color palate. Keep it simple and sophisticated. I loved the flowers I found at the Wholefoods Market in my neighborhood. I chose these gorgeous autumn shades of rich burnt orange and this unique green flower that resembles the same shape as the roses. I used a smaller wider vase to display the rose centerpiece. You don't want a tall floral arrangement if your table is small as it will block the view of your guests. And cut the stems all the same length to make this beautiful centerpiece! To make it more Thanksgiving inspired, add a touch of this rustic dried wheat stalk. 

DIYFloral 6.jpg

For the tulip arrangement, I love the simplicity of the tulip and wanted to showcase that. I used a taller muted orange glass vase and I left the stems natural long length. I also added a little touch of the wheat stalks. I just know my guests will love them too! 

diy floral 14.jpg



DIY Mommy & Me Graffiti Jackets

DIY Graffiti Jacket 30.jpg

There is nothing cuter than a little mommy and me moment! And I really love the graffiti jackets that are so instyle right now. I knew Brinkley and I could pull off making this trend ourselves but adding our own personal touch was the best part! I know we will be rocking these jackets all season long!

DIY Graffiti Jacket 5.jpg

You may know that Brinkley and I love a good DIY. But this time, it really hit home because of the love we poured into making them.

DIY Graffiti Jacket 20.jpg

I began by laying out the jackets and other materials to start the craft. But what I didn't know was what exactly we'd be painting on the jackets. We both sat down with a marker and looked at each other. She said she wanted to write "I love Mom" and I was so thrilled! She began pencilling out her design on the back of her jacket. I asked what I should write on mine and she said without hesitation, "I love Family"... And I thought, wow! That's so perfect. I knew I needed to include all my children and so the creative process began. I drew the three hearts to symbolize each child. Brinkley added her own personal flair with her flowers and other drawings. How cute did they turn out?!

DIY Graffiti Jacket 11.jpg

*TIP- Add splatter to your design by watering down the paint and flicking it onto your design using the end of your paint brush. It will really help define your graffiti look!

Here is what you'll need to do this craft:

DIY Graffiti Jacket 15.jpg
  • Fabric Paint
  • Denim Jackets
  • Paint Brushes
  • Water to rinse brushes
DIY Graffiti Jacket 14.jpg
DIY Graffiti Jacket 17.jpg

This craft was so fun and special. It became much more of a meaningful craft than I anticipated. I know I will cherish this jacket forever. 

DIY Graffiti Jacket 2.jpg
DIY Graffiti Jacket 12.jpg
DIY Graffiti Jacket.jpg

Trendy Shades DIY

Don't we all just love getting those new pair of shades for the summer!!  But this will leave a little extra cash in your wallet.

I absolutely love the embellished sunglass trend right now. So many designers are making them and I knew I had to have a pair for myself this season. But I didn't want to invest in a pair of shades that could go out of style quickly, but mainly I just love saving money! That's why I decided why not try making them myself!! Why not, right?!

First, I bought a couple pairs of inexpensive sunglasses at the local discount shop. However, you can try this on any old pair of sunnies that you want to jazz up for the new season.

I love the shape of the ones I selected and knew they'd be the perfect match for this DIY.

Then I ordered the acrylic flowers online however, they are sold at many craft stores in the bead section.

You will want to use a glue that works well for beading. You can also use super glue but be careful not to drip as super or crazy glue will be hard to remove if some is accidentally dripped on the wrong area.

You'll start by laying out your shades and creating a design you like before applying. 

Once you have created a design and have all the beads laid out, you can begin gluing.

Here is what you'll need:

Also, try this on your kids sunglass! My daughter loved the ones I made her. And of course she was in on the design process... picking the exact beads and colors!

We love making things together and share that same interest. I love letting her put her own flare on this fun accessory.

A little fashionista in the making!

DIY All Natural Deodorant

There are so many reasons why I wanted to switch to an all natural deodorant. When I was nursing my third child, Brent (now 15 months), I decided it was more important than ever to try an all natural alternative.

I tried so many different options of the natural stuff and would spend far too long pondering the options at Whole Foods. But none of them smelled good or worked like I wanted or needed them to. 

A good friend of mine and fellow DIY mom, Melanie (Owner of Petit Elephant NYC) and I decided to hit the kitchen and cook up our own version! And we got to choose the scent and how much or little protection we wanted. A win, win!! Right?!

What you'll need:

  1. All natural shea butter 1/4 Cup
  2. All natural coconut oil 1/4 Cup
  3. Arrow Root 1/4 Cup
  4. Baking Soda 3 tbsp.
  5. Essential Oil Scent appx 15 drops
  6. Storage Containers 
  7. Double boiler

Start by combining the shea butter and coconut oil on low heat using the double boiler. Once liquified, turn the heat off. Add the essential oils. I recommend a baby powder scent to mimic store bought deodorant scents. But a fresh scent like peppermint or lavender also work really well. Carefully remove the bowl from the double boiler. It will be hot! Once this has cooled for a few minutes you can then add the arrow root powder and the baking soda. Depending on how much protection you need, you can add more or less of these powders. The arrow root helps with absorbing moisture. The baking soda helps reduce odor.

Then pour the mixture into a container. Place the container into the fridge to cool. Once cooled, this can be stored in the bathroom cabinet for daily use. If stored in a cool environment and in an air tight container, this can last up to a year!

Candy Cane Cocoa-Butter Cream

Make your own super rich, smooth and creamy cocoa butter right at home... And make it smell like anything you'd like.  Trust me it's way easier than waiting in long holiday shopping lines at the mall and paying a fortune for the seasonal scents. 

My kids love candy canes and with the cold weather months upon us, their little bodies are craving the extra moisture. So instead of buying lotion from the store with tons of unnecessary ingredients, I decided I would make them a small batch of hand-made whipped cocoa butter cream right at home. And they get to smell like sugary sweet peppermint treats! What could be better?

Here is how I made this:

  1. Raw Cocoa Butter (3/4 Cups)
  2. Raw Shea Butter (3/4 Cups)
  3. Coconut Oil (3/4 Cups)
  4. Essential Oil in Candy Cane Scent (15 Drops)
  5. Food Dye (1/8 Tsp)

Combine the Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Coconut Oil together in a double boiler on low heat. Once combined, add the Essential Oils. Place in refrigerator for 30-40 minutes or until the mixture is soft but starting to harden. Use a hand mixer and beat the ingredients with the Food Dye, until the mixture is light and whipped.

Add to a small jar or container for storing. This has a long shelf life (appx 1 year) if kept in a cool environment. If the mixture starts to soften move to a cooler place. 

DIY Hostess Gift- Pumpkin Pie Hand Soap

Visiting family or friends this holiday season? Well, make a gift they will love and cherish because it was hand made by you!

This project is probably the quickest DIY project I've done yet. And let me tell you, the scent is AMAZING. It's not too sugary sweet like the store bought soaps. This has the true scent of pumpkin pie. Also, the oils are good for so many things and have a long shelf life. This project may actually save you money!

Here is what you'll need:

Then combine 8-10 drops of the essential oil to the soap. Stir in 2 large drops of the food dye. Stir with a knife or stick to combine. Then carefully pour the mixture into the glass bottle. Label the bottle with the name of the soap and to add even more of a personal touch, use a ribbon and hand-written note. This is sure to impress!