Trendy Shades DIY

Don't we all just love getting those new pair of shades for the summer!!  But this will leave a little extra cash in your wallet.

I absolutely love the embellished sunglass trend right now. So many designers are making them and I knew I had to have a pair for myself this season. But I didn't want to invest in a pair of shades that could go out of style quickly, but mainly I just love saving money! That's why I decided why not try making them myself!! Why not, right?!

First, I bought a couple pairs of inexpensive sunglasses at the local discount shop. However, you can try this on any old pair of sunnies that you want to jazz up for the new season.

I love the shape of the ones I selected and knew they'd be the perfect match for this DIY.

Then I ordered the acrylic flowers online however, they are sold at many craft stores in the bead section.

You will want to use a glue that works well for beading. You can also use super glue but be careful not to drip as super or crazy glue will be hard to remove if some is accidentally dripped on the wrong area.

You'll start by laying out your shades and creating a design you like before applying. 

Once you have created a design and have all the beads laid out, you can begin gluing.

Here is what you'll need:

Also, try this on your kids sunglass! My daughter loved the ones I made her. And of course she was in on the design process... picking the exact beads and colors!

We love making things together and share that same interest. I love letting her put her own flare on this fun accessory.

A little fashionista in the making!