Valentine's Day Tips with Jasmine Snow from the Black Bib


I am so excited to introduce you to Jasmine. We met about a year ago at a fashion blogger event and I absolutely fell in love with her style. She is the mom to the cutest little mini-me, Isla, and is expecting her second. So of course we bonded over motherhood and so much more.


Jasmine is a Fashion Editor and also a Downtown NYC momma. With super chic style tips on her site she also recently launched her own line of baby bibs by the same name, The Black Bib. These super chic bibs are a must-have for your little one or the perfect gift for a new mom in your life. To learn more check out her site

We recently sat down to share our Valentine’s Day date spots and fashion tips. Me being a planner, and Jasmine being more spontaneous we have covered all our favorite downtown date ideas and how to dress for the occasion. She even shares how to dress the bump with her favorite go-to style tips. And you guys, she has the cutest little bump and knows exactly how to mix style with comfort. Click below to see the full conversation!

Here are links to all the spots we mentioned in our chat!

All about the experience:

Aire Ancient Baths- Spa and Bath in Tribeca with special Valentines Day services located in Tribeca

Olfactory- Let your senses take over by creating your own special scents together. I love that you can help each other create the perfect perfume for each other and can cherish it all year long.

Le Cou Cou- This romantic French restaurant is definitely on the radar for romantic Valentines Day dates so book in advance!

Pier 17- Have a day date or skate under the stars at the new rooftop rink at the Seaport. They also have champagne toast after so check out all their special Valentines Day ticket options.

Last minute date spot:

Meet Kelly Lewis, the Fitness Enthusiast


I am so thrilled to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Kelly Lewis. We met a few years back through a mutual friend when she was looking to move into my neighborhood! And I am so glad she did. Our friendship blossomed not only because we were (are) mothers of small children but also because of our mutual interests. She and I both love to workout and currently Kelly is training to become a classical Pilates teacher. I am to happy to be along with her on this journey and help support her goal and passion.


Working in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade, Kelly saw first hand how illness can affect your everyday quality of life. Kelly couldn’t help but notice so much of the illness could have been prevented. After having her son Ethan in 2012, she decided to become a full-time mom. A runner and avid fitness enthusiast, Kelly was seeking more stability during race training. An opportunity came up to try Pilates and she was hooked.


Pilates not only improved her running but also helped her posture, increased her flexibility, and helped strengthen her abdominals. Kelly sees the value in Pilates so much so that just recently decided to become a classically trained Pilates teacher. While she is an intermediate student, she is beginning her teaching journey and must complete practice hours. If you are interested, Kelly is offering free private private sessions out of the the Real Pilates studio in Tribeca. Please contact Kelly at for more information.

Check us out at our first training session! She was fantastic!!

Meet the Fabulous Stella Leo

pink 6.jpg

Meet one of my favorite mommy bloggers and good friend, Stella Leo founder of Stylishly Stella and Fab Kids and Fab Mom events.

We met about 6 months ago at my first ever blogger event and I knew we'd be friends from the moment we met. Stella is fun, lives downtown, and we have so much in common. We love to throw parties, decorate and there is no DIY we can't tackle! Plus, our girly girls hit it off too and love having fab playdates. Read more about this fun Perfectly Pink Playdate.

Recently Stella threw a Fab Mom Event for Meisterdish at the JenAir Showroom in Manhattan. We were able to tour the amazing showroom and of course Stella and I just loved the amazing walk-in closet! 

This event was like no other!

The Meisterdish team was there to teach us how to cook the most delicious and healthy meals in just 10 min. What mom doesn't want to do that, right?! Plus the meals are pre-prepped so all you have to do is order it and cook it. They are so healthy and yummy. My favorite is the chicken milanese. So delicious.

We also had the privilege to meet Card a Mom who introduced us to their new app which helps moms get in touch with and meet other moms sort of style. As well as Hope McGrath, a transformational life coach and stylist who was helping the moms with some of their most pressing questions regarding business, to balance life, to wardrobe styling.  Check out her site here.

There was cooking, gorgeous home decor and of course it was fabulous just like Stella herself!

Meisterdish is currently serving Midtown East and UES with plans to expand soon.

One of the best take aways from this event was the amazing goodie bag filled with some pretty awesome gifts! We received a Meisterdish box of pre-prepped food, a wine pairing wheel and leather bound notebook from JennAir. Also, free class passes from Chaise FitnessBuntoppers hair accessories, a Live Clean Baby bubble bath & wash that my baby just loves! Plus, $150 off NY Kids Club!

Meet one of my first "Mommy" Friends; Catherine Moore

Catherine is a fellow downtown chic mom! We met just about 8 years ago to the day. 

I remember the day clearly and Catherine and I both joke about this all the time! I literally picked her up at 'The Loft'.

I just moved to my new building and just had my first son, Brycen and I was still on maternity leave; I was really missing my crew of girls talking all day (about business of course) in our large loft office. And I stumbled upon Catherine (with her brand new baby in the same baby carrier) out shopping. I immediately asked her about her baby and how old she was and we seriously just hit it off. The rest is history!

Catherine is one of those girls who everyone likes. She is kind, honest and caring. She's a great mom to her two beautiful children and an equally amazing friend.

I'm so lucky to have run into her all those years ago!

 Catherine is currently a consultant for Beauty Counter.  It's an amazing product line that is all natural and honest about what is used in all their products. Don't you want to know whats in all that stuff we are putting on our skin? Who's with me?! Well check out our new post under Beauty for all the details!

Suburban Jungle - The Pro's and Con's to Moving to the Suburbs

Living in the city with kids is not easy and many people consider moving to the suburbs at some point or another. I know so many people who, over the years, have debated this very thing. Many people have moved and many have stayed. Some even have moved to the suburbs and moved back to the city. It depend on so many things; space, commute, money. Well, if you are considering this big step or know someone who is, then this is a must read! 

Alison Bernstein is the founder of the The Suburban Jungle Realty, a real estate firm exclusively focused on buyers leaving the city for the suburbs. Recognizing how different neighboring towns can be from one another and how little families learn about a community during the home search, Alison launched Suburban Jungle, helping buyers navigate suburbia, and understand the ins and outs of towns before making their decision. She had personally experienced these challenges while undertaking her own suburban search, and strived to bring that unique expertise to Suburban Jungle families.

I was lucky enough to get the scoop from her team! They have broken down the Pro's and Con's and have covered everything you've been debating over for years. And if you do make the move, they can help you make the transition much easier.

Every year, tons of city families decide to make the leap from urban to suburban—and it’s hard to blame them. City living isn’t without its challenges, from a super premium on space to the crazy hustle and bustle to the stiff competition for everything from A+ schools to sought-after neighborhoods. When things get hectic, life in the ‘burbs starts to look pretty good—a big backyard, big closets and plenty of room for everything from storage to bike riding. What’s not to love?

If that’s where you are—teetering on the “should we stay or should we go?” line—then read on.. Our friends at Suburban Jungle have teed up some of the most common pros and cons to life in suburbia. And if you’re ready—or, even, if you’re considering taking the plunge—get in touch with the team. Their local experts are available 24/7 to help you find the right ‘burb for your family based on lifestyle and not just real estate.

PRO: Backyards You Don’t Have to Share

Central Park is amazing but, if you consider that your backyard, you’re basically sharing with millions of your closest friends. The alternative? Just swing open the door and send your kids outside and into their own private outdoor oasis. Sure, it’s not as sprawling as a giant city park, but it’s yours. And, best of all, snacks and bathrooms are always steps away…

PRO: School Gets Simplified

If you’re sending your kids to city schools, you’re probably going to be elbow-deep in the process before they turn three. From tours and application caps to home visits, interviews and gifted and talented tests, kids are subjected to endless pokes and prods to secure a spot at on the city’s top schools. Even public schools have anxiety-packed lottery systems that don’t take any pressure off parents—you won’t know if your kid is “in” your local school until spring and, by then, it’s too late to start searching for an alternative.

Not so in suburbia. While some of the top private schools may be a tad on the competitive side, it’s nothing compared to the city. And if you want your kid to attend the local public school, just bring proof of residency to the principal’s office and you’re in—easy as that.


It’s an obvious one, but we’d be remiss if we left space out of the equation. Not only will you have the backyard—see pro #1—but you’ll have more space for everything and anything. Twenty-person holiday dinners? No problem. Five bikes? Check and check? Ample space for movie night? No doubt. And all your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories? All hanging and at the ready—no storage unit required.

CON: The Commute

While not all suburban commutes are bad, they certainly aren’t the quick hop/skip/jump they are when you’re in the city already. To avoid the AM/PM dread if you or your spouse will still work in the city, be sure you aim for a quality commute, not just the quickest. A 45-minute straight shot with a guaranteed seat and a drop off near work is, often, better than a jam-packed 25-minute ride, that starts and stops constantly, and lets you off far from the office.


Really, what is? When you leave the city you’re leaving something special—and that deserves to be weighed if you’re considering life in suburbia. Yes, NYC will always be a train ride away, but it’s not the same as stepping out and having it all right there in front of you. That said, take comfort in the fact that lots of the city’s finest is moving out to the ‘burbs—just like you! Soul Cycle, SLT, Balducci's, Chop’t and Drybar are just a handful of the urban faves that have set up shop in suburbia. And that’s just the beginning!

For a Suburbs Strategy session, CLICK HERE to get started and figure out where your family truly fits in.



Meet Maria Adam, Founder of Tribeca Homeopathy

Today I sat down with Maria Adam founder of Tribeca Homeopathy.  Maria is the in house homeopath for Maiden Lane Medical and Soho Gynecology. 

Maria's son Maziyar, is in the same class with Brinkely and the two of us met at lunch duty at the kids school. We immediately connected because of the kids but also because she has a sweet and generous sense about her.  She always takes care of Brinkley when she's around her and she is just a very caring person. The more we got to know each other the more I noticed myself asking Maria for advice regarding treating the kids. I wanted to know her opinion. There are so many options out there for treatments that are homeopathic. Maria treats eczema, headaches, migraines, ADHD, anxieties, panic attacks, recurring infections (lungs ears etc), hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and so many more. 

With the flu season approaching I started asking Maria her thoughts on the flu shot. I am always unsure about giving it to the kids and myself. It seems that there are so many different strains of the flu that it's not guaranteed that the flu shot will guard you against all of them. I am not against giving the flu shot and am still considering it but whether or not you choose to have the vaccine or not, here are some great ways to stay healthy during the cooler months.

Maria's tips for boosting you immune system & staying healthy:

  • First it is important to make sure you are well hydrated and eat healthy food and cut out processed food as much as we can.

  • Manage gut flora by taking a good probiotic and drinking kefir (preferably unsweetened).

  • Find ways to manage stress (eg, exercise, meditation etc)

  • Use Homeopathy to strengthen your constitution and reduce your individual susceptibilities (i.e. genetic disposition).

  • Increase vitamin C & D intake during the cold months

  • If you come down with a cold or flue, take extra Zinc for a week (be careful not to overdose)

  • Golden Seed Echinacea tincture available at whole foods can be great support for for flue and colds

  • Tribeca Homeopathy also sells acute remedy kits (that comes with 36 homeopathic remedies) for self prescribing at home for minor ailments (Not life threatening).

*Obviously for any life threatening situations you must go straight to ER
or dial 911.  

  • If you have never been well since a traumatic stressful event or surgery/injury, abuse or never been well since mono, homeopathy can help bring balance back to your system. To learn more about Homeopathy & what Homeopathy is, click here!

The good thing about homeopathic medicine is that it does not interfere with conventional treatment and can be taken along side for extra support to speed up healing process.

Click here for more words from Maria!

Meet one of my favorite moms in the world... Joanna

Joanna Moeller is a stay at home mom of two gorgeous girls. We met years ago when our older ones were in nursery together at the Montessori school on Gold Street in FiDi.  The older kids were in class together and became very close. Joanna and I both had younger girls and would always have playdates together with all the kids at their gorgeous Tribeca apartment. My daughter still loves going there and playing with all the girly toys and running around like a maniac; trying on all their clothes and always going home with something Joanna's girls "gave her"... it's a little girls dream. And Joanna never fails to have the apartment stocked with tons of the kids favorite snacks. But on occasion Joanna also hosts us all for dinner. She makes the most gorgeous spreads of pastas, salads, chicken (even home made paella!!!) and there's always wine and fun. She is not only one of the sweetest moms I know but also the best home chef. Check out her blog post under Lifestyle/Entertaining. She's dishing up the most amazing week-day recipe that you'll absolutely love and she breaks down how she makes it so we can all do it ourselves!!!