Shopkins Swapkins Playdate Hosted by FabGabBlog

Does your little one go crazy over these tiny little treasures?! Well, so does mine! Brinkley had the best time at this adorable Shopkins Playdate hosted by our friends Stella and Juliet from FabGabBlog.

Screenshot 2018-08-06 00.33.35.png

We headed over to their terrace for a playdate and brought along all of our favorite little Shopkins toys! The girls tasted unique treats, played dress up and then got to swap their Shopkins with their friends! How fun is that! 

Screenshot 2018-08-06 00.33.45.png
Screenshot 2018-08-06 00.33.58.png

Brinkley is obsessed with all the adorable little designed from high heel shoes to cupcakes, there is a Shopkin for everyone!

Screenshot 2018-08-06 00.34.09.png

Then the girls got wild and crazy in these super sweet Shopkins costumes. And loved picking out their favorite Shopkins plush toy. Brinkley loves playing dress up and this playdate was one of her favorites! She had so much fun with Misa and Juliet.

Screenshot 2018-08-06 00.34.20.png

Then, the girls took out all their own Shopkins toys, Brinkley organizes her in her Shopkins backpack, I mean what else would she use right?! Then, they took out the ones they wanted to swap with her friends. 

Screenshot 2018-08-06 00.34.30.png

The moms, Melissa from Justabxmom, me and Stella had the best time watching them!! Check out all the fun gifts the girls got to play with! Playdate score! What a fabulous time.

Screenshot 2018-08-06 00.34.41.png
Screenshot 2018-08-06 00.34.49.png

Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle from

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.24.37 AM.png

Have fun this Valentine's Day with this festive Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle from

Who doesn't love a good crossword puzzle and this Valentine's Day treat the kids to something special that doesn't include sweets. And really get their brains working!

Solve this crossword puzzle with Cupid's help! has hundreds of other spelling resources to check out here!

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.44.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.45.10 AM.png

Kinder is now in the USA!! Hooray!!

 This post was sponsored by Kinder but all opinions are my own. 

This post was sponsored by Kinder but all opinions are my own. 

Just in time for the holiday season, Kinder Joy eggs are finally arriving here in the states! The best news you've heard all day? We agree!! 

Kinder Joy USA 3.jpg

I can hear all the kids cheering now... their favorite surprise egg treats are no longer something they can only devour while on an international vacation or envy from children abroad posting their videos on youtube; which my kids are obsessed with!  Kinder Joy surprise eggs will be in all our grocery store aisles for good! 

Kinder Joy USA 4.jpg

Kinder Joy will start appearing in stores as soon as this month and will be in most stores in time for Christmas. How exciting? Stocking stuffer alert!!! 

The Kinder Joy eggs will first hit the Walmart shelves on Black Friday and then your favorite grocery store soon after! 

Kinder Joy USA 9.jpg

Already sold in over 170 countries worldwide, many of us have grown up on them. Seeing how they've evolved is fascinating. Originally, the treat was a hard chocolate shell with a surprise inside. However, due to FDA regulations, this has been banned since the Food and Drug Administration formed back in 1938 because of the potential choking hazard.

 Brycen and Brinkley enjoying a special moment in the Kinder Kid Lounge

Brycen and Brinkley enjoying a special moment in the Kinder Kid Lounge

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.33.13 PM.png

Today, this iconic treat is sold with two individually wrapped halves that are adhered together to form the egg. Totally separated! One side of the egg is filled with a soft creamy layer, one milk-crème flavored and one cocoa flavored and that is topped with two chocolate wafer bites. It's divine if you have never had one, you are totally missing out! The velvety smooth base mixed with the crunch of the wafer is perfection. Or eat it how my kids like to by starting with eating the wafers then eat the cream separately. 

The other half has a small plastic spoon and inside a small toy. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.36.05 PM.png

The most magical part of this treat is the surprise! I know all the kids will agree that the excitement and joy of discovering what toy they've received is unparalleled! I have to say I am excited to hear that they have over 40 toys that will be updating often. So the joy and excitement will never dull. The small toy comes in pieces and the kids get to build it themselves. My kids love this part too, figuring it out as they go along. All part of the thrill and charm!

Kinder Joy USA 8.jpg

Plus, the toys are so unique! Brinkley's favorite, a wizard shaped plastic toy that she discovered under his hat doubles has a red crayon. How amazing right? There are also mini bikes, cars, balls, dolls just to name a few. I also heard there were some licensing deals happening which means more exciting toys to come! 

Kinder Joy USA.jpg
 Mary Wassner with Malin Ackerman who loved eating Kinder Joy Eggs as a kid in Sweden.

Mary Wassner with Malin Ackerman who loved eating Kinder Joy Eggs as a kid in Sweden.

This post was sponsored by Kinder but all opinions are my own.

Fun Educational Games from

Spelling is more fun when you practice it with sea creatures! Your child will have such a good time doing this Under the Sea themed crossword, he/she will hardly realize she's learning! Looking for more? has a great collection of spelling games that kids love.

My kids don't always love doing homework, and I am sure you can relate. So getting them to do extra learning aside from a full day of school and homework, can be well, impossible. But we recently found these super fun spelling games from and I have to admit, my kids LOVE them and don't even realize they are leaning while doing them. 

Many nights after dinner,  I find our family has an extra half hour or so to kill before they hit the bath. We normally run down to the playroom in our building but at this time of day they really need to start unwinding and calming down. Running around at this hour only really riles them up. So, I decided to bring a handful of markers and these print outs down with us and the kids absolutely loved them! They see it as a game or activity without realizing they are doing more learning.


As the colder months are approaching I know these will come in handy on playdates, to kill a witching hour or just unwind after a pretty hectic day! 

I am grateful for site like this as I come from a long line of child educators in my family. My beloved grandmother was a public school teacher and my mother followed in her footsteps and continues to educate young minds. Letting the kids play games and learn at the same time is a win win! 

You may see some of these fun activities in my "mom" bag so I can pull them out when I need them! Check out these fun theme mazes that they have! So easy to print out and bring anywhere.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.35.20 PM.png

Fall Fest at Jeff Lake Camp


Nothing says Fall like a little pumpkin picking and decorating in the middle of a picturesque setting like the waterfront views at Jeff Lake Camp. My daughter and fellow NYC pals, had the best summer camp experience last summer so when we heard Jeff Lake Camp was hosting a Fall Fest, we knew we had to be there! Brinkley lit up as soon as we pulled up and she saw the sign. "This is it Mommy!! My camp!!" 


The event was filled with seeing old friends and making new ones! Even my husband and I ran into old friends whose kids now also attend camp here! One of our college friends sends her two boys and my husband reconnected with some high school buddies who also have been sending their kids for the last few years. Small world!

They have many bus routes in NJ as well as lower Manhattan! See if there is one near you at


But the best part for Brinkley and Brycen was the ninja course they has set up and of course the DIY cupcake decorating! Brent even got in on the action just like his older siblings. He enjoyed it the most I think. Just running around the gorgeous campus soaking it all in!


My city kids love nature and it's so important to me and to them to escape the concrete jungle! We all need a break from it now and then and getting into a summer camp community like Jeff Lake has been the perfect balance. It is a family run camp for over 60 years and the family who runs it, well, they are pretty amazing. We have become quite close! I feel so comfortable knowing they will take the best care of my kids.


Check out Brinkley last summer in full camp mode. She made so many great new friends and memories. She was so excited to run into her favorite buddy from the summer at The Fall Fest! And can't wait to go back next year, bringing her older brother along for a few weeks too!


Email if you may have questions or check out their website Also, $250 off tuition for anyone who mentions DowntownChicMoms when they enroll!!! 

See below for some of the fun your kids can have Summer 2018!


Perfectly Pink Playdate

When a friend, and fellow mommy blogger Stella Leo from FabGabBlog, told me about this all pink restaurant in NoLita called Pietro Nolita, I knew we had to go. 

I used to live in the neighborhood, pre-kids, and loved it. It's fun, fashionable and quirky. So, it didn't surprise me that an adorable pink restaurant would pop up here. We dressed up our girls in their sweetest pink attire and headed uptown to this pink jewel.

Brinkley, went through an all pink phase and she still loves to be girly and dress up. This was right up her alley! The girls were welcome with open arms into this super packed tiny restaurant.  They enjoyed the tiny pink window behind our table that opens up to the kitchen. Even the bathroom is all pink!

Did I mention they have the best glass of rose?! We definitely didn't share the wine nor the words on the napkins with the girls. To finish off this fab playdate we let the girls tour the funky neighborhood and street art.

Read more about Stella on my Featured Moms Page.

LEGO Worlds, LEGO Dimensions, and LEGO CITY Undercover.

Brycen and Brinkley are definitely little gamers, so when they heard they'd be trying out the new Lego Worlds, Lego Dimensions and Lego City Undercover video games they were super excited.

They just love playing and they can't get enough of these new Lego video games!

Lego Worlds, is an imaginative world made entirely of lego bricks! Do you have a lego lover at home too? Well, they'll love this tech version of the real thing! Kids can explore, discover and create together. Feeling creative? This game let's the player's imagination come to life. My kids loved building whatever they wanted in different environments. And they even customized their own characters. Some other cool features of this game are the players get to explore galaxies, collect rewards and friends can play together exploring each other's worlds!

Then the kids tested out their skills on the new Lego Dimensions game. To get started all you need is the The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack!! Which has the LEGO Dimensions video game, LEGO Toy Pad, Bricks to build the LEGO Gateway, 3 LEGO minifigures (Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle) and LEGO Batmobile vehicle.

Have a pro gamer? Here are all the add on features! 

  • Story Pack: The biggest add-on for the ultimate gamer and Master Builder. Each includes six new game levels and LEGO bricks to build a themed LEGO Gateway to customize the LEGO Toy Pad. 
  • Level Pack:  One new mission-based game level, along with a minifigure, a vehicle and a gadget that players can build and use in-game for access to new areas and more abilities.
  • Team Pack:  Two minifigures and a vehicle or gadget for each, all with their own in-game abilities.
  • Fun Pack:  One new minifigure and a vehicle or gadget. 

Some of the fun features of this game are that you can cross over characters mixing Wizards with Knights and a Lego Master Builder all while discovering new worlds and of course battling!! What else?!

Then there was the super fast paced game called Lego City Undercover. This game is super cool! The kids loved racing at top speed! This game is coming out on current and new generation consoles. Players become Chase McCain, a police officer who goes undercover to hunt down the notorious – and recently escaped – criminal, Rex Fury, to put an end to his city-wide crime wave!

This open-world game has 20 unique districts to investigate, filled with car thieves to bust, vehicles to navigate, mischievous aliens to capture, hilarious movie references to discover, lost pigs to rescue and of course, hundreds of collectibles. Featuring brand-new two player Co-Op, this new mode allows friends and family to fight crime in LEGO CITY together for the first time. And it's available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One®, Nintendo Switch™ and PC.

Some great features are becoming a master of disguise, trying out over 100 vehicles, fighting crime and last but not least, this game is full of all the signature humor with hilarious movie and music references. 

But one of Brycen and Brinkley's favorite thing was the amazing gift bag! Check out all the legos!!!

For all the games and more, check out

This is a sponsored post but all options are my own.

Teletubbies 20th Anniversary... Can you believe it? I can't!!!!


Iconic kids’ characters celebrate their 20th anniversary in New York style. I still can't even believe it's been that long. I was a little too old to get into them when they first arrived on the scene but now that they are back, it is a perfect time! 

My daughter just loves their cute little faces and voices! And my little guy is just mesmerized by pretty much everything they do!!

If you are not familiar their names they are Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. These are all four characters from the Teletubbies which is one of the most successful children’s TV shows of all time!

And Celebrating their 20th anniversary of entertaining kids, with a lavish celebration for children of all ages.

I just love seeing the new generation of children fall in love with these adorable creatures!

10 years ago today, Mayor Bloomberg presented the Teletubbies with the keys to NYC.  Now they are back, celebrating their 20th anniversary and the upcoming second season of the new Teletubbies, designed to appeal to today’s tech savvy toddlers. New features include the Tubby Phone smartphone and touch screen tummies. The Teletubbies can be seen on Nick Jr. weekdays at 9:47am.

The Boss Baby, Arriving March 31... THIS FRIDAY!

It is not everyday that you get invited to the NYC screening of the movie your kids have been watching the trailer of for the past few months and just dying to see, Dreamworks The Boss Baby!! Thanks to The Moms for allowing me to be part of this adorable Mamarazzi Event! And Subway for feeding my hungry children a delicious lunch after the movie!

This movie is exactly what my family is dealing with right now, The Boss Baby!! Because we have a little boss baby of our very own.

We just love everything about this movie and quote it numerous times a day! Our favorites are "I don't wear nautical" and "Cookies are for closers" and of course the all time favorite, "Meet your new baby BROOOOTTTHEERRR".. We always make each other laugh saying these quotes and we were trilled to see the entire movie. It brings a lot of laughs but some tears when you realize that bond between siblings is so very special. 

This movie is a must see and it just as enjoyable for a parent as it is for the kids. I love the imagination and innuendos that are apparent throughout. Also, getting to meet the voice of Tim, the older brother, and the movies writer and director really was the icing on the cake. But the cake itself was meeting The Boss Baby himself! Check out the fun pictures we took with him! 

An over all blast! The Boss Baby arrives in theaters this Friday, March 31st! 

Mathnasium with Danica McKellar and The Moms at MoMath

My older son loves math. He gets it from his dad, I have to admit. I wish I could say he gets it from me, but I'd be lying. I am much better using the right side of my brain, which is the creative side. He is a left brained kid and proud of it! And so am I... I struggled with math as a kid. Even in college, I had a math tutor. So, to see him strive in this area, is just amazing. 

If your little one seems to be struggling with math, like I did, check out Mathnasium, The Math Learning Center that teaches kids math the way that makes sense to them. It is also a great place if you have an eager learner who wants to learn more than what they are getting in school. Mathnasium creates a learning program specifically for your child.

Math doesn't have to be hard or confusing and at MoMath, they make learning fun. I am all about enjoying education. I did, after all, have a mom who was a teacher and she would always try to make learning a joyful experience for me growing up. I too want this for my children and at MoMath, it makes doing that, simple! 

The National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) helps you see how math is used in everyday life. The space is filled with exciting and entertaining ways to discover how math is the foundation of so many things that we do, daily.

The best takeaway was meeting one of my favorite childhood actresses, the beloved star of The Wonder Years, Danica McKellar. Who recently wrote a children's book that helps young readers grasp the concept of math and numbers for the first time. The book titled, Goodnight Numbers, is  for 1-5  year olds. This is the first book of many for Danica as she explained, there will be more to come for all ages. And we can't wait! Goodnight Numbers was a hit in my house, with it's sweet and gentle approach to learning numbers and what they are. We loved this story and can't wait to read more books from her series!

Thanks to The Moms for organizing such a wonderful event that my son and I both enjoyed. We enjoyed it so much in fact, that we have already set a date to return to the museum to explore more. This time with my daughter. I know my daughter will love MoMath just as much as we did. 

To purchase your copy of Goodnight Numbers click here.

To find out more about Mathnasium and find a center near you 

For more information about MoMath and their schedule check out their website 

See what The Moms are up to next!

Liberty Science Center - New Mythbusters Exhibit

When my kids heard that we were headed to the Liberty Science Center to check out their new MythBusters Exhibit, they could barely contain themselves.

The Liberty Science Center is a staple for educational fun for my family. I have been taking them here since they were both in diapers. Now that they are 6 and 8 years old, they still get this overwhelming excitement that is so such a joy to watch. And now, we are introducing my newest little guy Brent, 17 months, to this awesome experience.

There are so many great exhibits year after year, but this year the Liberty Science Center is now introducing the new MythBusters Exhibit based off the hit television series and it gives fans a chance to actually be a MythBuster! So cool, right?!

MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition is decked out to look like the operations room of the show's set and showcases more than 60 artifacts salvaged from more than 700 experiments done on the show. We were able to do real hand-on experiments with real results. And what kid doesn't like to get there hands on everything! There are over a dozen actual myths, seen on MythBusters, that you can try out. Like the Airplane Conveyor Belt which tests if an airplane can actually take off if it's on a conveyer belt going in the opposite direction at the same speed. As well as the Butter Side Up test which is something I've always wanted to try, where you pull a table cloth out from under the plates and glasses without spilling anything and my daughters favorite, the Running in the Rain test that allows you to see if you actually get less wet by running in the rain as opposed to walking. 

Just to name a few, the myth busting display was a huge hit with my kids. They are so competitive to begin with but you give them a challenge, and they will rise to it! And Brinkley did just that by proving you can actually pull a table cloth out from under plates and glasses with out spilling them! Take that MythBusters!! 

This exhibit is open now through September 4th 2017, so don't miss it! 

The kids didn't stop there, there are so many great things to explore year round. The most popular stops for us are in the lobby looking at the Hoberman Sphere and actually controlling it on the 2nd floor via a remote control panel. As well as the Tornado Stimulator which is like going head-on into an actual tornado, the I Explore room where kids get to learn and engage in an interactive environment designed just for them, and their ultimate favorite the Touch and Learn Tunnel which is a pitch black crawl tunnel that let's you test out your sense of touch... and nothing else!

The Liberty Science Center is a must do for children of all ages. There is something for everyone and sometimes I wonder who is actually having more fun, them or me! I try everything too and it is always a great day when we get to visit this amazing place. We can't wait to go back again. Don't miss the new MythBusters Exhibit and the new Mind-Bending Illusion Exhibit that will make you look twice, an investigation how perception defines the way we see, feel, think and understand the world. 

Jeff Lake Camp - Now offering transportation from the NYC!!!

I was recently invited to the Jeff Lake Camp Open-house that was taking place at Smarter Toddler in the Financial District of NYC and I was so pleasantly surprised at how fast I fell in love with this camp and the people who run it. 

Not all camps are built the same. Many of the camps in NYC are amazing and my son just loves the day camp he has been going to the last few years. However, as soon as you leave the city, there are just more or should I say different, resources that the kids are exposed to and have at their fingertips. 

My son loves to fish. In the past, we owned a house very close to a lake (which we recently sold this past year) and he learned to fish from the local kids at the lake. I loved watching him learn how to be a "country" boy and not just a city kid. My daughter also learned to fish and would sit and watch as the older kids would so bravely touch the bate, which were wiggly worms! 

At Jeff Lake Camp, the children are surrounded by a gorgeous lake and are taking out on boats to learn to fish and even sail (when they are old enough). And the thought of that really struck me.  City day camps just don't offer this. Or maybe some do, but it would be on an outing for just the day. 

Jeff Lake Camp has so many great programs for the children. And I thought, maybe I'm holding my adventurous kids back by not letting them get this type of summer camp experience. 

This camp has been family run for over 55 years and is located in Stanhope, NJ. They start accepting children into their Freshman Camp as young as Pre-K (3 years old) and provide these younger campers with superior care to ensure they are feeling safe and secure. Freshman Campers have a broad program that consists of arts and crafts, project adventures, saucer boating, tennis and drama classes just to name a few. Junior campers, which is for 1-3rd graders, gain more independence by being introduced to Hobby Hour, a S'mores overnight and do activities like rock climbing, kayaking, dance and theater as well as age appropriate sports. For 4th graders to 8th graders, Jeff Lake Camp has a Senior Camp where the kids participate in T.A.R.G.E.T. (Teamwork, Acceptance, Respect, Goals, Energy and Togetherness). These campers get to try Mountain Biking, High Ropes, Sailing and Off Camp Trips. There is also, C.I.T. (Counselor-in-Training) for the older campers (up to 15 years old). They learn to balance work and play while learning how to work with children, go on trips and have special events just for C.I.T. campers. This is for 9th and 10th Graders. 

All campers have the opportunity to personalize their schedules. The Jeff Lake Camp cultivates self-esteem, instill a spirit of adventure, promotes teamwork, nurtures friendships and creates a sense of community. 


Each camper gets to swim in one of the 5 heated pools. No matter what skill level, these pools are designed for progressive skill development, comfort and safety, Also, they provide baking classes where campers get to bake and eat pizzas. And to top it off, they have a water trampoline and zip line. There is no stone unturned here and these activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate for all ages. 

The camp provides lunch and healthy snacks that are prepared on-site daily. They cater to picky eaters and all food allergies. But one of the best parts is they are now providing transportation for all lower Manhattan Families and Hoboken, NJ.

The Jeff Lake Camp Staff has extensive professional experience in education and child development. They go through an extensive selection and training process. For Freshman Camp there is a 4:1 ration of children to staff and 70% of campers return and 85% of staff return summer after summer.

I never thought I would consider sending my kids away for the day for camp but after meeting and seeing all that Jeff Lake Camp has to offer, I am singing a different tune. 

For more information go to or contact me by leaving a comment below and I'd be happy to help with any questions. Interested in seeing the location and meeting the staff? If so, they are having an Open House on February 12th. 

Pajama Party Playdate

When is comes to NYC playdates, there is nothing too over the top or lavish. But sometimes the kids just need to chill after a long day or week. 
That why one of my best mommy friends and fellow downtown chic mom, Julie from MissJulieannsblog and I decided to have our girls wear their pjs to this crafty girls night in! 

It included making best friend name bracelets, which my daughter wore for over a month straight and even wore in the shower every night! As well, as pizza and make-believe princess games in my daughters pink pop up castle. The girls had so much fun, they didn't want the night to end...

Making crafts as a girl was a novelty that I loved and it supported my creativity. I know my daughter loves it just as much as I did (and still do!) Creating something special with friends and making memories she'll have forever is important to me as a mom and setting up playdates like these are so simple and so much fun!

Here is what we used:

Growing Up Gracie Series... "Gracie and the Lost Christmas Gift"

Typically, we read at least 20 minutes every night. I love how it calms the kids and gets them ready for bed. I also love when I find the older kids snuggled up on the couch together reading their night-time stories while I'm getting the baby to bed.

Tonight we sat down and read the most incredible holiday story by the Growing Up Gracie Series.

The author, Chelsea Triola, told me that she always wanted to write a children's book so she can reach young minds and well, Christmas is her favorite time of year! So with that, she created this beautiful story about little Gracie and the lost Christmas Gift. It teaches the importance of giving during the holidays. 

The book captures the essence of the holiday season and all the mayhem. Follow Gracie and her mom on a shopping trip where they stumble upon a holiday crisis. They make their way through the crowded Christmas chaos to complete an important mission that could save someone's holiday!

I just loved watching my kids as they engaged in this modern Christmas tale. 

Sprinkles Playdate; Sugar, Sprinkles & Cupcakes, Oh My!!

Brinkley was in sugar heaven yesterday at FabGabBlog 's super sweet Sprinkled Themed Playdate. We were joined by a fellow NYC momma GothamLove and her two adorable daughters. 

The girls decorated cookies, ate Sprinkles' famous cupcakes and played with their new CharmIt cupcake shapes charms!! While wearing their Beach Town Baby adorable tees.

The girls just soaked up the fun and sweets which were so beautifully displayed by Stella from FabGabBlog and danced till their sugar highs ran low. Taking a moment to relax, the girls colored in their cupcakes and sprinkle coloring sheets with thoughtfully laid out Crayola Crayons in all shades of the sugary sweet pastels. 

And the party didn't stop there, the girls were all sent home with Real Cooking Kids kits to make their own cake-pops at home! 

With all the sugary confections making our heads spin the girls luckily didn't loose track of time due to their new slap watch bracelets from Watchitude that were in patterns of sweet and sugary dreams! Like gumballs, donuts and cupcakes! They also have an amazing boys line of watches too that my son loves. He wears the soccer ball print.

The girls finished off their playdate with a little game of hide and go seek which shook out the last of the sugar bugs! Watching them hide behind sheer drapes and only hiding halfway under the blanket was probably the sweetest part of the night for me. The girls had a blast and it was so much fun being able to attend such a beautifully orchestrated playdate; girly style.

Streamer Surprise - Great Party Favor Idea

streamer balls.jpg

On holidays, I like to surprise the kids with something fun when when they wake up! So this Halloween I knew I needed to find something small, cheap and fun! And NOT candy!!

I found these amazing Streamer Surprise Balls at a children's boutique in Tribeca called Bitz Kids. 

They were kind of expensive, at about $6.00 each, but I thought my kids would love them and have a blast opening them on Halloween morning! And I was right... the kids had so much fun opening layer by layer and finding three surprises inside!

Next year, I'll be making my own. And I really think its a great and clever idea for a party favor for a kids party. All you'll need to make your own:

  • 2 different colored party streamers. Party City  
  • 2 or 3 small toys and or candy to hide inside
  • Tape
  • Spray bottle of water (use VERY sparingly!)

Start with the best and biggest toy in the center, then tape a streamer end to it and start wrapping using the water very gently to form the streamers in the round shape. Then tape another color on and you can include small candy or trinkets in the surrounding wrapper. When you are completed just simply take the end and hide with fun stickers or simply leave it as is. The kids will love this fun and exciting treat! 

Leave any comments or questions below!

Chicest Travel Accessory... And it's FUNCTIONAL!!!

Headed out of town? Need help getting all your stuff and the kids stuff through the airport? Well... Try this amazing product we discovered for our summer vacation. 

We bought these amazing scooter bags for our summer trip to the DR. And the kids absolutely loved them. My daughter gets tired fast from all the walking and I knew I'd be pushing the baby in the stroller and not able to help her. So I found these cool carry-on's and they really did the trick!

They are scooters and carry-ons.  They are functional and super chic! Everyone will love them as you glide through the airport with smiling children! Instead of carrying ton's of extra baggage and crying children who can't walk any farther!

The only issue we had, was with the quality of the bag itself...  is not amazing. The zipper and bag are not made that well. The bag itself is not that big. About the size of a medium size backpack. 

Although, I think this product is amazing and I still recommend it. The best part about this is the fact that there is a scooter built in.

The scooter folds up and you can easy store them under the seat in front of you on a plane or in the overhead. The scooter is not like a regular scooter. It does't steer as well as a regular scooter and does have a bag on the front of it. So, be sure to have the kids practice at home so they don't get frustrated at the airport. 

Overall, I think the kids really enjoyed having the extra help getting them around. Plus, it does help with the baggage that you would carry. I know that even if I pack a lightweight bag for the kids, I still wind up carrying it!

Winter Weather Is Coming. Be Prepared This Year!

Winter is right around the corner and it's already starting to feel like winter here in NYC. Living near the water always welcomes cooler air and this year I'm going to be prepared! So I'm stocking up on all the kids winter weather wear NOW! Can't get to the store? No problem, check them out online at Polarn O. Pyret.

Last week I visited Polarn O. Pyret for their Pre-Season Outerwear Sale going on now through Oct. 17. Everything outerwear is on sale from coats, to boots, to mittens. So stock up and save big. 

I even found the best 3 in 1 coat that comes in the most amazing submarine yellow! This is something that can be worn now and through the colder temps. Or on just a cooler fall day. It's versatile and stylish! 

The quality is amazing. See my earlier post under Downtown Scoops Kids. 

All my kids live in there P.O.P pieces and I really rely on them for their amazing comfort and quality. Also, they make great gifts! Who doesn't want to open a bright red striped box with a big bow. Gift wrap included!!

Check out my post on Instagram featuring their wall of gorgeous baby basics.

I was lucky enough to also get my hands on some other cool products at the event and I wanted to share them with you!

  1. Tickle Water: If your child loves soda like mine do, then they will be excited to try this new drink called Tickle Water. They think they are having soda... SHHHH!! Tickle Water gives kids the sparkling water exprience all their own in just the right size, a super cool package, the perfect package, the perfect amount of bubbles, and the best tasting flavors.
  2. Boogie Wipes: These are in my diaper bag must-haves!! The first saline nose wipe was created in 2007 by two moms who were frustrated with trying to put saline drops into their young children’s noses. They knew there had to be a better way to treat sinus problems caused by colds and other illnesses than drops and dry tissues. In a moment of mom genius, they decided to moisten a tissue with the drops and use that to wipe off and soothe runny, gunky noses. It was then the idea for Boogie Wipes began.
  3. Neon Snow Maker: Creative Kidstuff is on mission is to help families play. Their shop offers creative, innovative and imaginative and toys.  Every purchase helps children in need throughout the world via the Buy a Toy, Give a Toy program.
  4. Kind BarsPressed by KIND, is their newest bar on the market which is great for switching things up in the lunchbox. These bars are made from 5 fruit & chia or fruit & veggie ingredients or less. With no added sugar and 2 full servings of fruit, these bars in flavors like Mango Apple Chia and Apricot Pear Carrot Beet, we’ve been hearing that kids are loving them!

Best Kids Hair Cut - DOWNTOWN

When you need a kid friendly hair salon that caters to your fussy little ones, look no further. This downtown chic children's hair salon and kids boutique will become your go-to. 

I took my older son all the time when he was little. He was very active and had a hard time sitting still for more than a second so needless to say I was worried when he needed a haircut. But no need to worry here. At Doodle Doo's there is an assortment of kids movies/shows to pick from at each hair cutting station. And if that isn't enough to occupy your little one for 10 minutes then there is someone to personally blow little bubbles or play a game with them to keep them still. Plus the chairs are fun to sit in and pretend to drive a taxi or firetruck! 

Although Brent is a very calm baby, I wanted him to follow in his brothers footsteps when he needed his first trim. Brent loved driving the taxi and watching the Wiggles while his baby curls were clipped and coiffed. And I only saw it fit that Brycen came along for a little trim himself. Brycen's favorite part these days are all the toys and gifts (I always stock up on the latest and greatest kids toys here for upcoming birthday parties and also on there VAST assortment of girls  bows of all sizes and colors). 

Check out my boys and their matching doo's!!


NEW YORK, NY 10014

(212) 627-DOOS (3667)

At Home Ear Piercing

When is the right time to pierce your daughter's ears? This is an individual choice. 

Some people think its better to do it when they are babies so they won't remember. Others think it's better to wait until they are much older.

Well for us it happened naturally. Brinkley got to the age when she wanted to get it done and kept asking, so one day I decided to do it. I called the local ear piercing salon which is in Soho and found out that every Friday they do house calls. It was Friday so she had an open appointment and she was at my house a few hours later. I got lucky so call in advance to book an appointment.

Clinical Ear Piercing was founded by Rachel Smith, a registered nurse. And she really did take amazing care of Brinkley. She was so calm and patient. It made this heart wrenching process so painless and serene. 

She used numbing gel on Brinkley and brought an assortment of earring choices. It was in the comfort of our own home which also helped with anxiety.  However, I've heard the salon in Soho is also very tranquil. 

Brinkley was the perfect patient thanks to Rachel!! 

Have any questions or concerns? Or know any other good ear piercing salons in downtown NYC? Let us know! Write to us in the comments section below.