30 Amazing Summer Boredom Busters

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Are the long hot days of Summer catching up to you? Need some help figuring out what to do when the kids are all screaming that they are bored?! Well, don’t worry! I have carefully put together a super fun (and kids tested) list of ways to keep the kids entertained. There is something on here for all ages and I bet you will even find a couple of things on here that will spike your interest as well. I love having the kids home with me over the Summer (aka when they are not in camp) but keeping them happy all day long can be tricky! Hope this helps you as well.. Don’t forget to read Number 30!

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  1. Paint Sea Shells- make mermaid shells

  2. Build a Fort

  3. Make Friend Ship Bracelets (rainbow loom)

  4. Bake Together (something sweet!)

  5. Make it Family Movie Night!

  6. Have a Picnic

  7. Go to the Beach

  8. Make a Jar with surprise adventure inside and do one each day (like find an ice cream truck or go to craft store)

  9. Make a Maze on floor with painters tape

  10. Tie-dye

  11. Write a Letter and mail it together (teach them how to write the address the envelope)

  12. Bike Rides

  13. Make a Picture of all the places they've been (or want to go) this summer

  14. Pick out Back-to-School Clothes (go through drawers and do a fashion show seeing what fit and doesn't) Or just do a fashion show

  15. Do Something Memorable (like get ears pierced or get hair cut (locks of love)

  16. Visit a Museum

  17. Get a slip and slide for your yard or Vacation House (if you are city folks and going away to a house with a yard!)

  18. Scavenger Hunt (outdoors or in.. make a list and have the kids go find all the items)

  19. Treasure Hunt (play pirates and hide gold aka Hershey kisses!)

  20. Paint Your Own Pottery

  21. Redecorate your room (Move furniture around)

  22. DIY Volcano (Mix Baking Soda and vinegar)

  23. Lemonade Stand

  24. Get a pet fish

  25. Try a new sport (ever heard of tennis baseball?)

  26. Complete a puzzle

  27. Science Experiments (Sink or Swim/ Oil VS Water)

  28. Visit a different part of town or city you live in

  29. Plant Sunflower Seeds

  30. Make an “I’m Bored” Box and filled with all of these Ideas! Use it when kids say “I’m Bored!!”

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