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Top Trends For Back-To-School

With school right around the corner, I have been shopping and scouring the internet non-stop to find all the top trends!!

You are absolutely going to love this list! There is something for everyone and if you can tell some of these things are inspired by my favorite things… (a.k.a. Starbucks!)


30 Amazing Summer Boredom Busters

Are the long hot days of Summer catching up to you? Need some help figuring out what to do when the kids are all screaming that they are bored?! Well, don’t worry! I have carefully put together a super fun (and kids tested) list of ways to keep the kids entertained. There is something on here for all ages…


What To Do In NYC With Kids In Summer

Hey! It’s hot outside and you’ve already hit up almost every playground imaginable to keep the kids entertained. Well, I am with you! Here is a list of some of our favorite places to visit in New York City during the Summer months (besides your local park or playground). I have put together a list of what to do with kids in NYC in Summer.


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Downtown Chic Moms & downtown magazine

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