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Easter (Non-Candy) Gift Guide

When it comes to Easter morning, there is nothing better than a giant basket full of treats from the Easter Bunny! But it doesn’t have to be all candy… I noticed that my kids love the trill of getting the basket and having things other than candy is exciting to them. It gives the kids something to open and unwrap. Plus they can play with them all day long! Ok, sure, play with while they devour their giant chocolate bunny!


Easter Basket Bread Cake

WOW your family and guests this Easter with this delicious Easter Basket Bread Cake. The sweet bread combined with surprise chocolate egg bites is just so much fun! This is the perfect addition to any Easter brunch table.


Earth Friendly Urban Planter DIY

I love when Spring rolls around and I get to plant/garden with the kids. I don’t have a green thumb but for some reason I still love doing this every year. I think its because we had a house upstate for years when the kids were little. We had a big garden and would spend so much time on it every Spring.

So this Spring I knew I wanted to do something fun for the kids but I need it to fit in with our current lifestyle… in a high-rise building with no outdoor space! That’s how I came up with this super chic and rustic DIY planter.


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Downtown Chic Moms & downtown magazine

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