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The kids will LOVE this craft! And you will love saving all that money on expensive wrapping paper!

The best part about the holidays is being with the family. We love crafting and love making a day of it at home. I just love that Brent is getting old enough to join in on all the fun too. That’s why I came up with this fun holiday craft. It is great for all ages and can be as elaborate or not as you want!

I have been on the hunt for the latest and greatest in kids TOYS since before Halloween (well really all year long…) so I am fully ready to post this gift guide. In fact, I have been waiting and perfecting it for weeks… Just in time for all of you and Black Friday!

The holiday parties are in full swing! I always love to bring the host or hostess a little gift to thank them for their hospitality. Sometimes, depending on the type of party, I will bring a nice bottle of wine or a candle. Other times I will bring baked good or cupcakes. All of these options are great and I am sure the recipient will be grateful. But if you REALLY want to show your appreciation, try this amazing “The Next Morning” Gift Box.


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