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Fall Fashion - My Tips To Looking Great This Season

With the summer heat behind us, it's time to pack up your flowy sundresses and bring out the warm fall layer pieces. It's been warm here in New York City for the past few weeks, and I have been loving it, but it changes over night. And that's exactly what happened! 

I was so honored to be included in this years Mom Trends Night Out 2.0. Every mom deserves a night out every once in a while not just to escape the rigorous nighttime routine of getting the kids to bed, but more importantly to reconnect with other moms and of course getting some much needed W&R (wine and relaxation)!!

Swaddle Me 2.jpg

There is nothing better then a good night sleep. When you have a new baby, sleep is limited. You rely on those few hours between feedings to get the bit of sleep you can. 

The products by Swaddle Me take the guess work out. They are super simple and efficient; swaddling without the hassle. 


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