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Long Weekend, No Plans? Winter Camping Staycation

I don't want them, or myself, to miss out on having a great time this winter! So, we decided to take a fun staycation, right at home, with our indoor camping night!

Valentine's Day DIY Event - Ladies Night

What better way to get in the Valentine's Day mood, than sipping champagne and mingling with your girlfriends for a fun do-it-yourself candle making bash?!

Butt Paste & Exhale Spa Event - Hosted by MomTrends

I am all about trying new things this year.  Especially, when it comes to working out and helping care for my little guy's bum.



Featured in Suburban Jungle

“Living in the city with kids is not easy and many people consider moving to the suburbs at some point or another. I know so many people who, over the years, have debated this very thing. Many people have moved and many have stayed. Some even have moved to the suburbs and moved back to the city. It depend on so many things; space, commute, money. Well, if you are considering this big step or know someone who is, then this is a must read!”