Back-To-School With Popchips

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I can’t believe the kids are starting school in just a few days and that means getting to bed early and homework for the kids! For me it means I’ll be in charge of packing their lunches. I love surprising them with something they’ll love but also something that is healthy. That is why I absolutely love the Popchips 6ct Variety Pack! It is the great-tasting, better-for-you answer to all my back to school lunch-packing needs. This variety pack combines Popchips two best-selling flavors so there’s something for everyone!


If you haven’t tried them yet let me tell you why I love them so much! They are a healthy school snack, gluten-free and my kids favorite snacks… Popchips are the perfect snack for on the go and everything in-between! My kids are going to be so excited that they come in the perfect packable size for their lunch boxes now. Great for school lunches, on-the-go snacks, parties, off to soccer, and so much more. Did I mention they are gluten free, non-GMO, 100 calories per serving and made with real ingredients, so you can feel good about giving these single serve bags to the whole family.


Popchips brand is all about creating craveworthy snacks that are made in a better way, so we can feel good about what we snack on without sacrificing on taste. In addition to the classic popped potato chips, Popchips now makes bold & crunchy Popchips Ridges & protein- packed Nutter Puffs.

So the Popchips 6ct Variety Pack comes with two flavors and the two my kids crave the most:

  1. Sea Salt: Is light and airy and popped to perfection, then simply add a dash of sea salt for a timeless classic chip. Enjoy with your favorite summer dip or on their own. With every bite you’ll find it harder and harder to stop, and why should you? They aren’t fried, just popped!

2. BBQ: Who needs backyard smoke and sizzle to enjoy lip-smacking barbeque? You don’t because with barbeque chips, you’ll taste tangy sauce and a hint of smoke on every chip. So pull up to the lunch table and savor the flavor, but skip the grease.

So when lunch time comes around grab a bag of Popchips for a perfect kids snack! Lunch time is crunch time! Popchips are never fried and contain only real ingredients. Did I mention they are under 130 calories per serving, pop open a bag and enjoy!