Easter (Non-Candy) Gift Guide

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When it comes to Easter morning, there is nothing better than a giant basket full of treats from the Easter Bunny! But it doesn’t have to be all candy… I noticed that my kids love the trill of getting the basket and having things other than candy is exciting to them. It gives the kids something to open and unwrap. Plus they can play with them all day long! Ok, sure, play with while they devour their giant chocolate bunny! We all know that no Easter Basket is complete without one of those!! But Bulls I Toys and Play Visions are my go to sites this year because they have so many unique, fun and exciting little toys! Here are a selection of my favorites that I know my kids would love. There is something in here for all ages and interests!

Now, off to plan their Easter egg hunt!

Here are my top 10 Best Non-Candy Easter Basket Treats:

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1. Cutie Beans Gudetama - These fun blind bags are the best way to get your kids excited on Easter morning.. or any morning! Because kids just LOVE these little fun surprises. These eggs will go perfect in your little ones Easter basket.

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2. Cutie Beans Hello Kitty- Have a Hello Kitty fan in your house? Then this blind bag surprise egg is perfect for them! Plus the egg can store the mini plush toy.

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3. JoJo Sequin Pillow Keychain- JoJo has a signature look that Brinkley just loves. I know she will be so excited to hang these little keychains on her backpack for that added sparkle!

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4. Squish’Ums Poo Pets - These super soft slow rising squishy toys are so fun to play with plus they calming and relaxing to the kids. These are also fun to collect and come with different color and faces! Great for all ages.

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5. LOL Mini Bows Surprise- These adorable blind bags are the perfect way to treat the little girl in your life. Lol Dolls are a must have! And these bows have all your favorite dolls and characters. How fun to wear and collet!

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6. Mobius Cube- This cube is the best way to distract the fidgety of kids! With endless way to flip, stack and fold. Kids will love this fun item!

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7. Crayola - These adorbale eggs are perfect for the Easter Basket. Filled with fun dough in vibrant colors, I know my kids will love these!!

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8. Floof- Think of snow but without the coldness or wetness, well thats what Floof is like! How fun, I know my kids will love this and Brinkley and Brent can play with this for all whole morning…

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9. Giant Stress Ball- I know my older two will love this, it can be played with (like an actual ball to throw around and catch) or help calm them when they are doing homework or going to bed.

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10. Chibi Blocks- These stackable little blocks are now made smaller and in fun kits! Kids will love to build there small animal and fun to collect.