Winter Fun at the Liberty Science Center


The cold weather has arrived here in NYC and that is why we decided to stay in!! Inside at the Liberty Science Center that is… With so much to do and explore, it’s the perfect haven for kids on a cold winters day!

My kids love coming here and if you follow this blog, you’d know that! We would go everyday if we could. It’s a favorite of ours… I love it because the kids love it. There are so many things to do and everything is educational. From the tiniest little hands exploring sensory exhibits to the older kids learning about the black holes in outer space! This place is such a wonder and joy for the whole family. And my kids always find something new to see when they come.


Brent loved the Doc MStuffins exhibit. His game of choice is always doctor so it was fitting that he just loved this super cute and nurturing exhibit. It teaches kids how to care for babies, animals and even test out all the doc tools on each other! Brent was so cute when he tried out the x-ray machine on the little stuffed animal. With no insructions needed he went up and knew exactly what to do. I just love seeng them doing what they love and learning as they go!


Brycen was so into the new International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes. And this one is a must see! Perfect for adults and children it will let you test out your detective skills! From the footprints in the sand, to the blood splatter (yes, you heard right!) to gaining stamps as you go, this takes you on a journey though the fun and excitement of the hunt.


Brinkley loves all the exhibits but what is the most magical for her is the Infinity climbing structure in the center of it all! No trip to the Liberty Science Center is compete without getting thought the maze of ropes that spans the vast middle arena of the center. Dangling high in the air, she seeks out the most adventurous exhibits finding excitement around every corner. Like making ice-cream from liquid nitrogen!

liberty science center 2.jpg

We always love coming and making a day of it. And starting December 26th through New Year’s Day they are offering guests an array of activities from a Giant Snow Globe to a TP Blizzard. Also, see a show if we can, this year we’ve seen the Laser Show and the epic Planetarium Black Hole. Brycen loved it so much he went twice!


Need the perfect place to escape form the cold? Head to Liberty Science Center. Make it a great family day and the kids will be asking to go back before you even head out the door.

liberty science center 5.jpg

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.