Meet Kelly Lewis, the Fitness Enthusiast


I am so thrilled to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Kelly Lewis. We met a few years back through a mutual friend when she was looking to move into my neighborhood! And I am so glad she did. Our friendship blossomed not only because we were (are) mothers of small children but also because of our mutual interests. She and I both love to workout and currently Kelly is training to become a classical Pilates teacher. I am to happy to be along with her on this journey and help support her goal and passion.


Working in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade, Kelly saw first hand how illness can affect your everyday quality of life. Kelly couldn’t help but notice so much of the illness could have been prevented. After having her son Ethan in 2012, she decided to become a full-time mom. A runner and avid fitness enthusiast, Kelly was seeking more stability during race training. An opportunity came up to try Pilates and she was hooked.


Pilates not only improved her running but also helped her posture, increased her flexibility, and helped strengthen her abdominals. Kelly sees the value in Pilates so much so that just recently decided to become a classically trained Pilates teacher. While she is an intermediate student, she is beginning her teaching journey and must complete practice hours. If you are interested, Kelly is offering free private private sessions out of the the Real Pilates studio in Tribeca. Please contact Kelly at for more information.

Check us out at our first training session! She was fantastic!!