Meet one of my first "Mommy" Friends; Catherine Moore

Catherine is a fellow downtown chic mom! We met just about 8 years ago to the day. 

I remember the day clearly and Catherine and I both joke about this all the time! I literally picked her up at 'The Loft'.

I just moved to my new building and just had my first son, Brycen and I was still on maternity leave; I was really missing my crew of girls talking all day (about business of course) in our large loft office. And I stumbled upon Catherine (with her brand new baby in the same baby carrier) out shopping. I immediately asked her about her baby and how old she was and we seriously just hit it off. The rest is history!

Catherine is one of those girls who everyone likes. She is kind, honest and caring. She's a great mom to her two beautiful children and an equally amazing friend.

I'm so lucky to have run into her all those years ago!

 Catherine is currently a consultant for Beauty Counter.  It's an amazing product line that is all natural and honest about what is used in all their products. Don't you want to know whats in all that stuff we are putting on our skin? Who's with me?! Well check out our new post under Beauty for all the details!