Meet one of my favorite moms in the world... Joanna

Joanna Moeller is a stay at home mom of two gorgeous girls. We met years ago when our older ones were in nursery together at the Montessori school on Gold Street in FiDi.  The older kids were in class together and became very close. Joanna and I both had younger girls and would always have playdates together with all the kids at their gorgeous Tribeca apartment. My daughter still loves going there and playing with all the girly toys and running around like a maniac; trying on all their clothes and always going home with something Joanna's girls "gave her"... it's a little girls dream. And Joanna never fails to have the apartment stocked with tons of the kids favorite snacks. But on occasion Joanna also hosts us all for dinner. She makes the most gorgeous spreads of pastas, salads, chicken (even home made paella!!!) and there's always wine and fun. She is not only one of the sweetest moms I know but also the best home chef. Check out her blog post under Lifestyle/Entertaining. She's dishing up the most amazing week-day recipe that you'll absolutely love and she breaks down how she makes it so we can all do it ourselves!!!