DIY Mommy & Me Graffiti Jackets

DIY Graffiti Jacket 30.jpg

There is nothing cuter than a little mommy and me moment! And I really love the graffiti jackets that are so instyle right now. I knew Brinkley and I could pull off making this trend ourselves but adding our own personal touch was the best part! I know we will be rocking these jackets all season long!

DIY Graffiti Jacket 5.jpg

You may know that Brinkley and I love a good DIY. But this time, it really hit home because of the love we poured into making them.

DIY Graffiti Jacket 20.jpg

I began by laying out the jackets and other materials to start the craft. But what I didn't know was what exactly we'd be painting on the jackets. We both sat down with a marker and looked at each other. She said she wanted to write "I love Mom" and I was so thrilled! She began pencilling out her design on the back of her jacket. I asked what I should write on mine and she said without hesitation, "I love Family"... And I thought, wow! That's so perfect. I knew I needed to include all my children and so the creative process began. I drew the three hearts to symbolize each child. Brinkley added her own personal flair with her flowers and other drawings. How cute did they turn out?!

DIY Graffiti Jacket 11.jpg

*TIP- Add splatter to your design by watering down the paint and flicking it onto your design using the end of your paint brush. It will really help define your graffiti look!

Here is what you'll need to do this craft:

DIY Graffiti Jacket 15.jpg
  • Fabric Paint
  • Denim Jackets
  • Paint Brushes
  • Water to rinse brushes
DIY Graffiti Jacket 14.jpg
DIY Graffiti Jacket 17.jpg

This craft was so fun and special. It became much more of a meaningful craft than I anticipated. I know I will cherish this jacket forever. 

DIY Graffiti Jacket 2.jpg
DIY Graffiti Jacket 12.jpg
DIY Graffiti Jacket.jpg