Dip and Roll Glitter Pumpkins!

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 9.jpg

I love decorating for Fall but I realized I was getting board with the simple look of my pumpkin selection. Although beautiful, I knew I could make them look even better and I wanted to coordinate with the colors of my home which are grey and whites. So I picked out a stunning white pumpkin from our visit to the pumpkin patch, grabbed the perfect shade of metallic paint and matching glitter! You can also try a few shades of fun pastels with iridescent glitter for a pretty assortment.

I have taken the guess work out of jazzing up the basic pumpkin with this super easy and glittery craft! Fun for all ages.

Not sure if you are crafty but you want to try? This craft is perfect for you. It’s super simple but has a gorgeous result.

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 8.jpg

Here is what I used:

Dip and Roll Pumpkin.jpg
  1. Medium Sized White Pumpkin

  2. Silver Metallic Acrylic Paint

  3. Jumbo Glitter in Silver

  4. 3 Disposable Plates

  5. Paint Brush for smoothing out the paint

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 2.jpg

Start by putting the paint on the paper or plastic plate. I used a about 1/4th of the bottle so don’t overdo it because you’ll just waste the extra paint. Let the paint settle on the plate or shake it gently to cover most of the plate.

On the second plate, place the glitter making sure to add enough that the plate is mostly covered.

The third plate will be for the pumpkin to dry so place this out as well.

Then you will simply take the pumpkin by the stem and carefully dip the bottom portion in the paint. Use the brush if necessary to make an even line and to smooth out any large globs or drips.

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 3.jpg

Then take the pumpkin and roll it into the glitter. Make sure to cover all parts of the wet paint with glitter.

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 5.jpg

Let dry over night. *Tip- The bottom of the pumpkin will not dry, so let dry another day on its side until all parts of the pumpkin are dry.

Mix and match these with other colors or metallic shades for a fun elegant take on Halloween Decor!

Dip and Roll Pumpkin 6.jpg