Spooky Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 9.jpg

I love adding personal touches to our holiday decor and this Halloween I’ve incorporated that by creating our own DIY Chalkboard Painted Pumpkin. Try adding a spooky and clever message or simply your last name. Even get the kids in on the fun by having them draw their own spooky creation or scary message!

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 2.jpg

This craft works best for medium to large sized pumpkins. Pick your choice of color, we used an orange pumpkin and I just loved how it turned out!

Here is what you’ll need:

Chalkboard Paint pumpkin.jpg
  1. Basic Chalk Board Paint

  2. Medium to Large Size Pumpkin

  3. Chalk

  4. Paint Brush

Start by finding the flattest area of the pumpkin. Then make an outline of the shape lightly with pencil if needed. Fill the space neatly with the chalkboard paint. Add one to two coats. Let dry overnight.

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 3.jpg
Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 5.jpg

The next day I gave the pumpkin to Brinkley to decorate the way she wanted. She had a blast and loved seeing her get into the halloween spirit writing BOO!

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin 10.jpg