Give One Last Life to Those Leftover Pumpkins

thanksgiving Pumpkin.jpg

Have a few left over pumpkins laying around till Thanksgiving? This is the craft for you...

I hate to get rid of the pumpkins right after Halloween so I tend to save them as long as I can. A few last until Thanksgiving and I didn’t want to see them go to waste…

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That’s why I love this craft! Transform your pumpkins into gorgeous planter centerpieces!

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It is super easy and will add that perfect autumn touch to any holiday decor. Many of you have already moved on to Christmas, but if you are like me and wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas, then you will need to try out this craft. Give one last life to those gorgeous pumpkins you all had so much fun picking just a few weeks ago.

thanksgiving Pumpkin 1.jpg

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Medium Pumpkins

  2. Potted Plants

  3. Sharp Knife

  4. Large Spoon

First you will need to decide which plant will go into which pumpkin. I only had a few pumpkins left for this project and I chose one medium size mum plant and a smaller single Brassica cabbage plant. So I decided to use the larger pumpkin for the mums and the smaller pumpkin for the single cabbage.

thanksgiving Pumpkin 3.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 5.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 6.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 9.jpg

Then I started carving off the top of the pumpkin like I would if I were making a jack-o-lantern. I then cleaned out a small portion of the inside of the pumpkin leaving enough to support the plant. You’ll need to make sure the plant doesn’t sink down in the pumpkin. The easiest way to figure this out is to see how large the pot is and only take out approximately that much of the inners. I left mine just a bit higher to allow for some sinkage.

thanksgiving Pumpkin 11.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 12'.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 13.jpg
thanksgiving Pumpkin 14.jpg

Do this for all your leftover pumpkins and enjoy them as Thanksgiving decor, on you mantle or as a centerpiece! I love being able to cherish the last few days of the Fall vibes before they get pushed aside for Christmas!

thanksgiving Pumpkin 16.jpg