Earth Friendly Urban Planter DIY

PLanter 34.jpg

I love when Spring rolls around and I get to plant/garden with the kids. I don’t have a green thumb but for some reason I still love doing this every year. I think its because we had a house upstate for years when the kids were little. We had a big garden and would spend so much time on it every Spring. I’d bring the kids with me to the local farm and I let the kids pick out what they wanted to plant. My husband and I would even dream big. We planted tomatoes, lavender and even a few apple trees. The only thing that grew like crazy was the mint. Apparently mint is a weed but I wasn’t complaining! I loved using it in recipes and teas.

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So this Spring I knew I wanted to do something fun for the kids but I need it to fit in with our current lifestyle… in a high-rise building with no outdoor space! That’s how I came up with this super chic and rustic DIY planter.
I used recycled glass jars from our yogurt and a few white rocks, a little paint and voila! I am so happy with how this boho chic urban planter came out!

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This season we chose to grow lavender, sunflowers and basil. I know sunflowers are a one of the easiest things to grown indoors but I also love lavender and basil. so why not give it a shot! Its so fun to see what grows! I love the scent of lavender, its one of my favorites. Sunflowers are just so full of life and always follow the way the sun shines which I think is so cool and something I’ll teach and show the kids. Then there is basil, it’s one of those herbs that I can always find a way to use. It’s probably because I love Italian food but the idea of having fresh basil on hand, just in case! Just makes me so happy..

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I also wanted to get the kids in on the fun so I bought them their own little mini planter to paint (they ended up mimicking mine, which I didn’t mind at all) and planting their own recycoled glass planters. Check out how into it they were! Brinkley helping Brent and Brent just soaking it all in… what a great way to kick off Spring! Now just prayers that they grow:)

Here is what we used:

PLanter 3.jpg
  1. Indoor Potting Soil

  2. Seed Packets

  3. Recycled Wood Planter Box (smaller ones for the kids. Both avail. at Michaels)

  4. White Acrylic Paint

  5. White Stones

  6. Recyled Glass Jars (from our yogurt)

  7. Paint Brushes

Start by painting the wooden planter. Use a ruler if needed. I love the bold white stripe down the center. I let the kids paint what ever they liked on theirs.

PLanter 10.jpg
planter 12.jpg
PLanter 14.jpg

Then we filled the recycled glass jars with small stones. This looks great but also helps with the water drainage in the soil. Then, we layered on the soil.

PLanter 20.jpg
PLanter 22.jpg

Now you are ready to plant your seeds. We all chose what seeds we wanted to plant. You’ll need to poke a small hole in the soil before placing down the seeds. Every seed is different and some need to be deeper in the soil where as some lay closer to the top layer. So read the back of your plant packets for the best results.

PLanter 29.jpg

Lastly we added stones to our planter bases and then added the glass jars! How cute did these turn out?!!

PLanter 30.jpg
PLanter 32.jpg