Pick Your Scent - DIY Massage Oil

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Valentines Day is here yet again and after being married for oh, so many years I wanted to come up with something super sexy and unique this holiday. I love creating my own scents using essential oils and having the right balance of fragrance is hard to come by. Buying store bough options can normally be too strong or too sweet smelling or have no scent at all. That's why I love this gift because you can make it your own! Plus, giving a gift from the heart and something you've made with love yourself is the best gift of all. 

Start by buying high quality essential oils that are for use on the skin. Some oils are made for burning or for candle making and are too harsh for use in a body massage oil.

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I bought this nice little kit by Laguna Moon that offers the best scents for relaxation and stress relief. Perfect for a relaxing massage! 

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Then you will need to purchase an unscented massage oil. I love the quality of this oil but there are many options online that you can choose from. This is what I bought by Soothing Touch. I had a glass pump bottle at home but here is a link to something similar perfect for this gift! Glass Pump Bottle

Find a scent profile you like. Forexample, if you are looking for something more soothing and spa like you will want to use something scents like eucalyptus and lavender. These scents are very relaxing and soothing. If you enjoy something sweeter, try scents like citrus or even chocolate! That would be perfect for this holiday!

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I love the mix of relaxing scents like lavender with a little citrus. So I paired the orange oil with the lanvendar. Then, I decided to add just a touch of the eucalyptus. I think all was well balanced and had the perfect mix that I was looking for and I knew my husband would enjoy!

Give the gift that keeps giving back and I think your significant other will just love whats in store!

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