Summer Hair Must Have Products

They work just as well as they smell.. and they smell AMAZING!!!

The smell may sell you on this product even before you use it but trust me you won't be disappointed with the results you will get. 

I love this Heat Protecting Balm because I always blow dry and then curl my hair. My ends were looking a little rough and I knew I needed something to help them out. It really works on my dry hair.

I knew I wouldn't be curling my hair most of the trip to the Dominican and honestly most of the summer I left my hair more natural but with the help of this amazing Oribe Beach Waves product I could dry my hair like I normally do and just spray. It would leave my hair so shiny and smells so good. It doesn't leave your hair sticky and doesn't add too much wave like other products selling the beach wave look. 

Keep your hair healthy and beautiful! 

What products do you like?

Braid It! From DAY to NIGHT

I decided I would try this look because I was sick of having to do my hair again at night before dinner because after being out all day at the beach or just running around in the heat, my hair was a mess. And who has time to do their hair twice in one day?? NOT ME!!!

This look is really simple and can stand up to a hot beach day and last you all the way to a night out on the town. YES!! It's true... check out the easy step by step instructions below.

Here's how I did it:

  1. Part hair in the middle
  2. Brush hair into a sleek low ponytail
  3. Tie the ponytail on the nape of the neck with an elastic band
  4. Knot a long string around the elastic band to cover
  5. Braid hair incorporating the string into one of the sections
  6. Finish the braid with a neutral colored hair tie and wrap the remaining string around in a knot
  7. Spray hair with Oribe Shine Spray

Tulum Treasures

If you know me, you’d know I LOVE body cream. I always ask for it for birthdays and Christmas but this time its not cream that caught my eye. 

While on our Tulum trip I picked up a few amazing products I wanted to share. They aren’t just amazing they really are spectacular and unique. Check them out.. I even found the link so you can order yourself! 

Hotel Esencia creates their own toiletry products that are simply divine. The hair products are tricky for me because I have color treated hair so I use specific color treated shampoo and conditioner but I did use them on my daughters long hair and they smelled and worked great. But for body I am up to try anything. On the first day staying here… the kids got very sun burned. Either old sun block or just the strong Mexican sun. Either way their skin was torched. 

Not knowing where anything was we reached for the hotel Esencia body & hair oil. I rubbed the children down with it and immediately noticed the amazing smell and texture. It was so yummy and I couldn't wait to use it myself. The smells of avocado, aloe, lavender and eucalyptus made me feel exotic and the thick oil left my skin nourished from the drying suns rays and salty sea water. Its full of all natural ingredients. And has the most relaxing scent. You’ll feel like you just left the spa every time you use it.

I was so excited to find out that a larger bottle was available for sale at the hotels spa (which I heard was amazing and will definitely be checking out next time I visit this resort *fingers crossed!)

Next up was Banyan Tree

I also fell in love with their unique toiletries. They even have a bag full of goodies in every bathroom. Our villa had three bathrooms so we stocked up!

Its a cute little black and white printed bag filled with everything you’d need to pamper yourself. But what struck me the most was the bath milk that the kids used the first night there. I filled the bath mid way and left them to soak and clean as I unpacked (they were still in eye sight!). But when I went over to get them out I noticed a really foggy looking bath. Not knowing what they put in I wasn’t very pleased. But after getting them to bed and showering myself I noticed this sensuous bath milk. It has this super sexy smell called Thai Chamanard. So this bath milk is essentially an oil. However once it touches water or your wet skin it turns into a smooth white milky liquid. Its almost like a science experiment! 

Liven Up Those Tired Eyes In 5 Easy Steps

Ever wonder how all those celebrities always look so wide eyed and awake? Well they have expert makeup artist that specialize in tricks to making them look that way. Don't be fooled.. they all wake up with dark circles just like all of us tired and overworked moms. Here are 5 SUPER quick and easy ways to make your eyes POP!

So grab your cup of joe and lets get started!

1. Visine: The most important step; don't let it scare you. Just get the basic redness reliever. A drop or two is all you need. Dab excess with a q-tip if necessary to dry the area.

2. White Eyeliner: Add a small gentle line along the lower water line of the eye. If you don't know where this is.. its the pink bit that separates the lashes and your eyeball. If you have never put eyeliner in this area, be brave and go for it. The results are worth it! I use Wet N'Wild.

3. Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer: Its amazing and really hides any dark circles or color irregularity. A small amount goes a long way. This concealer is the real deal. Add a dab to the top of your hand (the small area between your pointer and thumb). Take a small concealer brush and gentle brush it under your eyes and on your eye lids. Let dry for 30 seconds. Go back and blend adding more when necessary. You will begin to notice your eyes totally transforming. Here's what I use Makeup Forever.

4. White Shadow: Grab a medium blending eyeshadow brush (or if you are like most people any eyeshadow brush that you own will work just fine). Gently collect a small amount of the shadow on the brush. Start with the inner corners of the eye near your tear duct and work the product up toward the upper lid. Blending it on to the lid. Do this for both eyes. Then take your brush with the remaining eyeshadow on it and add a tiny bit of the white shadow to the outside lower lash line (think the area below the extended cat eye). Try this.

5. Mascara: For the fifth and final step add your favorite Mascara! Making sure to let dry and add at least two to three coats. This will help to really open the eyes and make them POP! SIZZLE! POP! 

*You can also choose to add a little dark liner along your top lash line.