This Season's Lip Trend: Matte & Muted

I have been wanting to try the matte lip trend for a while but was worried that the dark muted shades would make me look washed out. Well, on my recent shopping spree to Sephora (I bought way too much makeup!), I decided I'd try out some popular brands and here's what I found.

I noticed that the trending colors are dark, purplish and muted. However, most makeup brands are now offering an assortment of more wearable colors in there palette for fall. I loved all the nude shades and have tried a ton so you don't have to!

Here's are my top 3 pick:

  1. Stila - Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Bellissima (pale pink) & Caramel (nude with brownish undertones)- This was by far my favorite matte lip product. I wound up getting it in two shades. One is more of a muted neutral tone and the other is perfect for everyday natural looking color. It dries totally matte and lasts all day. I recommend touching it up with chapstick or lip balm through out the day (otherwise you'll get dry chapped looking lips). And it still looks great for most of the day once applied in the morning. Oh and it smells a bit sweet like caramel. Here's the link. 
  2. Tarte - Tartiest Lip Paint in Namaste (nude)- The smell is minty and fresh. This product is easy to wear and goes on like a gloss but dries matte. The color lasts for a few hours but needs to be reapplied. I love the shades and the texture. I also recommend touching up with some chapstick or balm through out the day to avoid drying out your lips. Here's the link. 
  3. Milk - Matte Quad (nude palette)- This product offers a lot of versatility however, the colors are very muted and are better for eye shadow. Using them as lip color is hard for everyday. However, the texture of this palette is amazing. Its so silky smooth and I love playing around with the color and seeing what I can create. You just use your finger to apply. It's fun and trendy however, I don't think this is something I'll be using in a few months from now. I do love the quality of the product and will be trying out some other Milk products soon!  Here's the link. 

Liven Up Those Tired Eyes In 5 Easy Steps

Ever wonder how all those celebrities always look so wide eyed and awake? Well they have expert makeup artist that specialize in tricks to making them look that way. Don't be fooled.. they all wake up with dark circles just like all of us tired and overworked moms. Here are 5 SUPER quick and easy ways to make your eyes POP!

So grab your cup of joe and lets get started!

1. Visine: The most important step; don't let it scare you. Just get the basic redness reliever. A drop or two is all you need. Dab excess with a q-tip if necessary to dry the area.

2. White Eyeliner: Add a small gentle line along the lower water line of the eye. If you don't know where this is.. its the pink bit that separates the lashes and your eyeball. If you have never put eyeliner in this area, be brave and go for it. The results are worth it! I use Wet N'Wild.

3. Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer: Its amazing and really hides any dark circles or color irregularity. A small amount goes a long way. This concealer is the real deal. Add a dab to the top of your hand (the small area between your pointer and thumb). Take a small concealer brush and gentle brush it under your eyes and on your eye lids. Let dry for 30 seconds. Go back and blend adding more when necessary. You will begin to notice your eyes totally transforming. Here's what I use Makeup Forever.

4. White Shadow: Grab a medium blending eyeshadow brush (or if you are like most people any eyeshadow brush that you own will work just fine). Gently collect a small amount of the shadow on the brush. Start with the inner corners of the eye near your tear duct and work the product up toward the upper lid. Blending it on to the lid. Do this for both eyes. Then take your brush with the remaining eyeshadow on it and add a tiny bit of the white shadow to the outside lower lash line (think the area below the extended cat eye). Try this.

5. Mascara: For the fifth and final step add your favorite Mascara! Making sure to let dry and add at least two to three coats. This will help to really open the eyes and make them POP! SIZZLE! POP! 

*You can also choose to add a little dark liner along your top lash line.