How To: 10 Steps to Looking Like You Just Got a Salon Blow Out!

Here is a step by step guide on how to make your hair look like you just walked out of an expensive salon! Use these 10 simple steps to make you look and feel fabulous in just minutes. 

1. Wash and towel dry hair (Use a heat protecting cream

2. Section the bottom and blow dry straight

3. Take top portion and blow dry each side

4. *If hair is curly use a flat iron to take out any frizz

5. Section the back/bottom of hair into two sections.

6. Take the left side and curl hair back & away from the face. Do the same for the right side

7. Section the two sides (*leaving the crown/top of hair for last)

8. Take the left side and curl hair back & away from the face. Do the same for the right side.

9. Take the remaining hair down and make a part. Section into two parts.

10. Curl the left side back & away from the face. Finish with doing the same to the right side. 

It really is that simple!!

I normally do this at night and let the curl sit for a while and then sleep with it up in two Princess Leia buns so you are all set for the next day. 

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Summer Hair Must Have Products

They work just as well as they smell.. and they smell AMAZING!!!

The smell may sell you on this product even before you use it but trust me you won't be disappointed with the results you will get. 

I love this Heat Protecting Balm because I always blow dry and then curl my hair. My ends were looking a little rough and I knew I needed something to help them out. It really works on my dry hair.

I knew I wouldn't be curling my hair most of the trip to the Dominican and honestly most of the summer I left my hair more natural but with the help of this amazing Oribe Beach Waves product I could dry my hair like I normally do and just spray. It would leave my hair so shiny and smells so good. It doesn't leave your hair sticky and doesn't add too much wave like other products selling the beach wave look. 

Keep your hair healthy and beautiful! 

What products do you like?

Braid It! From DAY to NIGHT

I decided I would try this look because I was sick of having to do my hair again at night before dinner because after being out all day at the beach or just running around in the heat, my hair was a mess. And who has time to do their hair twice in one day?? NOT ME!!!

This look is really simple and can stand up to a hot beach day and last you all the way to a night out on the town. YES!! It's true... check out the easy step by step instructions below.

Here's how I did it:

  1. Part hair in the middle
  2. Brush hair into a sleek low ponytail
  3. Tie the ponytail on the nape of the neck with an elastic band
  4. Knot a long string around the elastic band to cover
  5. Braid hair incorporating the string into one of the sections
  6. Finish the braid with a neutral colored hair tie and wrap the remaining string around in a knot
  7. Spray hair with Oribe Shine Spray