What are your Summer Plans? Not sure? Suburban Jungle is here to help

It is officially Spring and that means Summer is right around the corner. The topic all my mom friends are talking about is what they'll be doing this Summer. That's why I've partnered up with Suburban Jungle to help you figure out what type of Summer rental is right for you and your family. 

Don't get overwhelmed by all your choices, we will help you narrow down how to find the best locations for you, based on your personality!  Not sure if you are looking for a destination that is quiet and serine OR a location with a booming social scene? Find out how to choose a place that is right for you!

Let The Summer Search Begin!

What Summer personality are you looking for in a town...

If there’s one thing Suburban Jungle wants city families to know it’s this: EVERY town has a unique personality—and understanding that personality is VERY important to your suburban search. The happiest urban-to-suburban families are the ones who find the right town—the town that syncs with their lifestyle, their wants, their needs and their expectations from day one. The better the connection, the better the transition and every single day after will be. It’s that simple.

And Then There’s the SUMMER Personality…

At this time of year, though, that personality-first conversation starts to take a slightly different twist. Many city families are gearing up for summer—and, for many, that means putting down roots in a new community outside of city limits. Some opt for go-to summer rentals—the Hamptons, Fire Island and other escapes.

Other families, though, choose to test drive a suburb during the summer, getting acclimated while experiencing what “real” life would be—they commute to and from the city, enroll their kids in area activities and camps, and, overall, live like a local for a few months. And after that? Maybe they head back to the city, or maybe they pack it all up and make suburbia their new home.

No matter the approach, though, it’s still important to hone in on a town’s personality. Sure it’s the summer and sure things look a little different, but this time of year can be extremely telling—and extremely important in weighing your decision about where to call home. Here’s what to consider if you're planning a summertime suburbs adventure…

If You’re Heading to a DESTINATION

Thinking the Hamptons, Nantucket, Jersey Shore or some other summer hotspot? Remember, even popular summer rental towns have major personalities. Your job? Find one that aligns with your family. In the Hamptons, for example, Montauk is nothing like East Hampton, which is nothing like Southampton, Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor, Watermill or Sagaponack. Each are different, but how do you figure out the true intangibles and differences?!

No one town is better than the others—it, again, all comes down to your family, your lifestyle and your expectations for the summer and beyond. It’s similar to exploring suburbia, but summer rentals tend to go in a slightly different direction since some of the amenities and activities you’ll want access to may be purely seasonal.

But, still, it’s important to really understand the personality and culture of a community. Will you show up in your summer rental town and find out all the kids are at sleepaway camp? Or does the vacation town you picked have a lot of full-year residents, who flee for the summer? Do young children go to day camp in the area, or is it a bus ride away? What about weekends? All of this goes into a town’s personality—and all of this is important to you and your family having an amazing summer.

If You’re Heading to SUBURBIA

Testing out a town for a potential move? In the New York City suburbs, towns like Rye, Pound Ridge, Bedford, Greenwich and Westport are popular for summertime test runs. Many families find rentals in these communities and, again, live like a local—commuting, exploring, joining activities, sending kids to camp and, overall, getting their feet wet before diving in head first. It’s a great approach if your family can manage it, but it’s also important to dig into the town’s personality before plunking down for the season.

In towns like these, the summer personality can be very indicative of the full-year personality—or it can completely miss the mark. Some towns see mass exoduses the minute school lets out, with residents heading to those summer rental destinations mentioned above, for example. If you’re planning to stay put, you may not get a “real” feel for the town the other nine months of the year. But, on the flip side, you will get a sense of what life’s like every summer—and, from there, can decide if that personality aligns with your family’s seasonal plans. There’s nothing worse than moving to a new town only to find everyone’s in Nantucket through Labor Day…

If you opt for this route, be sure you do your homework on the town’s summer personality now. Again, are all of the kids at a local or out-of-town day camp—and, if so, can you register your child for this summer so they’re in the mix? Do older kids go to sleepaway camp—and, if so, where? Are families home and hanging by their pools? Out of town? At pool clubs, beach clubs or country clubs? Somewhere else doing something else? Find out all you can so can ensure the town aligns with your wants and needs, in the summer and in the cooler months.

Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy suburbia with your family. But, like any other time of the year, make sure the vacation town or the maybe-forever town you choose syncs with your crew’s personality and lifestyle. You’ll be glad you did, whether it’s summer or not.

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