Winter Camping Staycation

I love to travel and have taken the kids on some pretty awesome vacations! However, with the baby entering the tricky toddler stage, traveling is getting harder and harder. We have done a few trips with the three kids already but as Brent is getting more mobile and active, I've ruled out taking any long flights... 

However, I don't want them, or myself, to miss out on having a great time this winter! So, we decided to take a fun staycation, right at home, with our indoor camping night!

I borrowed a tent from our neighbors and laid out a soft cozy blanket. But, the best part was suppling the kids with all the fun camping gear that we'd use on a real camping trip, like lanterns and of course, s'mores!

Check out how we created this fun and memorable night, right at home! No details were missed as I transformed our living room into a kids camping oasis.

They started the night by getting comfortable in these adorable matching pajamas by JM Cremp's. The fun and playful design really helped get the kids in the mood for a fun family adventure.

Then we tried out the super kid friendly baking kit by Yummy Nummies.

Followed by some, dim, night-time bedtime stories around the campfire. Try books like Curious George Goes Camping.  Or, for more authenticity, try the Kids Campfire Book- Official to learn real camping skills. For older campers, suggest that everyone go around the campfire and tell a spooky story!

Nothing says camping more than the smell of marshmallow over the fire. So for the real effect and to really set the mood, as the evening went on, we roasted actual marshmallows on this indoor Nostalgic S'mores kit. We bought these adorable pre packaged boxes from Smorbox. And let me tell you, the looks on their faces was priceless.

Another great time to surprise the kids with this fun activity, is on a cold winter day. Maybe your little ones are stuck inside during a snowstorm or not feeling up to going out for a planned winter activity.

Surprise them with a little at home day of fun and excitement that is sure to impress! It's not just the marshmallows and chocolate that makes this so much fun but it's the whimsy and fairytale of camping that you will all enjoy.

Check out how their cousins, Oliver and Max, in Westchester, NY decided to get in on the action. While, my nephew was home recovering from being sick and missed out on a super fun day on the local ski slopes with his buddies, my sister in-law, Lauren, decided to share this same idea and look at all the fun they had! Such a great and memorable way to spend the day indoors. They even added their own walkie-talkies!