RED, WHITE & BLUE Sensory Rice Bin

RIce DIY 8.jpg

I just love kid friendly crafts and what better time to make one than this 4th of July with this bright and colorful RED, WHITE & BLUE Sensory Rice Bin!

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If you have little kids or are just entertaining families who do, well, this is the perfect craft for you!  Having a very busy toddler of my own, I am always thinking of exciting new ways to keep him entertained. But this craft is not only great for pre-schoolers. My7 year-old daughter got in on the fun too! 

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Kids will just love this DIY craft and it is so easy you will love it too... it takes only minutes to prepare!

Here is what you'll need:

Rice DIY.jpg
  1. White Rice (uncooked)
  2. Distilled Vinegar
  3. Food Coloring
  4. 2 Large bowls and spatulas for mixing
  5. Measuring Cups and Spoons
  6. Large Bin for playtime

First, start by measuring out your rice. I used 3 cups of rice.

RIce DIY 2.jpg

Then add 2 tbls spoons of vinegar. Start out by adding 7-10 drops of food coloring. Combine.

RIce DIY 3.jpg
RIce DIY 4.jpg
RIce DIY 5.jpg

Add more food coloring as needed.  Let try for at least 1 hour. If you have time, let dry overnight to avoid any color from getting other hands.

Repeat in separate bowl for different colors.

Finally, add the rice in rows in a bin for the kids to mix and play with! Add fun sand toys like scoops and funnels. The kids will have blast with this!

RIce DIY 9.jpg

*TIP- To avoid a messy situation, use in the grass. The kids will inevitably pour some out of the bin during play time! If doing indoors, place a large mat under the bin for quick and somewhat easy clean up! 

Enjoy XO