No Melt Edible Ice Cream Playdoh

No Melt IceCream Playdoh 16.jpg

Wait, what?!! No melt ice cream? Yes, it's true and the kids will love playing and rolling this mixture much like they would with actual playdoh! 

So, my kids have watched their fair share of youtube videos and this is something my daughter has been asking to make all school year long! Now that the sun is shining and we are spending our afternoons and even evenings outside enjoying the weather, I knew it was the perfect time to test out this theory! 

No Melt IceCream Playdoh 9.jpg

I haven't seen the videos that she's watched but I knew the mixture is pretty much icing (store bought) and a TON of confectioners sugar. What's not to love about that!

No Melt IceCream Playdoh.jpg

So here is what we did:

  1. Start by emptying an entire jar of the store bought cake icing into a medium size bowl
  2. Begin to mix in the confectioners sugar slowly. We used a silicone mixing spoon to combine but you can also do this in your stand mixer.
  3. Continue to add the confectioners sugar slowly until you get the desired consistency which is a thick non-sicky dough. 
  4. The kids can then add in their favorite colored sprinkles. Get creative! Use what you have at home! Nonpareilles work great or even try an edible glitter available at most craft stores in the cake decorating isle.
  5. Let the kids play with the mixture, roll it around and have fun adding the sprinkles! 

*Note- to make colored dough don't add food coloring it will become too sticky, just buy colored icing and follow the same directions!

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No Melt IceCream Playdoh 4.jpg
No Melt IceCream Playdoh 10.jpg
No Melt IceCream Playdoh 19.jpg
No Melt IceCream Playdoh 13.jpg

Then, to enjoy this treat, we stopped onto colorful ice-cream cones! This is perfect for outdoor fun in the summer, birthday parties or barbecues so you can pre-make them and not worry about them melting! 

No Melt IceCream Playdoh 20.jpg

Everyone will love the fun and whimsy of this summery sweet treat!