Make Your Own Unicorn Bark

unicorn bark0.jpg

What could be prettier than pink and purple chocolate covered in glitter!?!
Summer days call for tons of arts and crafts so I put together this fun do-it-yourself Unicorn Bark craft for Brinkley. 

It's fun and whimsical. Perfect for your girly girl! Even Brycen got in on the action. Who can resist a sweet treat, right?!

unicorn bark1.jpg

Well, here is how to make this amazing creation! So easy and the kids will love it!

unicorn bark2.jpg

Here is what you'll need:

  1. Colored Chocolate Melts (Purple, Pink, White, Teal)
  2. Edible Glitter and Sprinkles to match Colored Chocolate
  3. Cookie Sheet with tin foil 
  4. Non-stick spray
  5. Spatula
  6. 4 Medium Size Bowls
  7. Fork
  8. Unicorn Toy

First, start by covering the cookie sheet with tin foil. Then spray on the non-stick spray. 

unicorn bark3.jpg

Place the chocolate melts in separate bowls. Microwave melts until they are completely melted. I like to put them in for 30 second increments. Keep stirring them in-between the 30 second cook time until they are complete melted. Don't over heat the chocolate! 

unicorn bark4.jpg
unicorn bark5.jpg

Once the chocolate is melted, begin to layer in strips onto the cookie sheet. 

unicorn bark 3.jpg
unicorn bark 5.jpg
unicorn bark 4.jpg

Use the spatula to combine the colors together gently wiggling the spatula to create waves in the chocolate. Try not to over mix. You want to see the colors and not combine them too much.

Then use a fork to create spiraling patterns in the chocolate. Swirling the chocolate will definitely create a magical effect. Don't miss this step!

unicorn bark 7.jpg

The fun part is next! Adding the sparkle!!! Let your child have fun with this. Brinkley used the same color on each chocolate color. I love how this came out! Don't you?!! But this can be up to your little one to make it how they like! And taste testing is a must! 

unicorn bark 8.jpg
unicorn bark7.jpg

Once your masterpiece is created, let the chocolate cool and dry. This should take less than an hour. It will become hard and here is when my son stepped in! To smash the large block into smaller bite-size pieces. My kids just went for it and dropped the chocolate block over and over again until completely broken. See how happy they are... Enjoy! 

unicorn bark 2.jpg
unicorn bark 6.jpg