DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle

DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle7.jpg

One of our favorite things to do at home is crafting and with Halloween right around the corner I knew we had to do something fun and unique! My kids actually don’t love the taste of pre-packaged water so we are always using reusable waterbottles or jugs at home. The kids always bring their favorite one to school, the park or just to use at bedtime.

So we decided to make this fun craft to look just like our favorite Halloween candy, Candy Corn! And will use it all October long!

What You Will Need:

DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle.jpg
  1. White Reusable Water Bottle

  2. Paint of your choice

  3. Paint Brushes

  4. Glitter (Golden Yellow, Orange and Silvery White)

  5. Mod Podge

  6. Halloween Festive Stickers

First lay out a plastic lined table cloth to help with containing the mess. Glitter can get everywhere and this will help with clean up!

DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle 9.jpg
DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle11.jpg

Then, layout all the materials on a plate, I even added a cute little white pumpkin for them to decorate while they were at it!

DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle 2.jpg

Plus, I of course had some yummy Candy Corn on hand to get them in the spirit!

Then help them with the spacing of the colors starting with yellow at the bottom, then the middle section in orange and the top in white.

DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle 3.jpg
DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle 4.jpg

The glitter can be sprinkled right onto the wet paint.

DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle 5.jpg

They added their own personal touches such as writing their names, adding candy corn stickers and just the right amount of glitter, and finished it off with a thick coat of water proof Mod Podge.

DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle 0.jpg

Let dry over night and clean properly before use.

DIY Candy Corn Waterbottle8.jpg