Create Your Own Felt Christmas Tree

Felt Christmas Tree DIY 23.jpg

I thought I had an original idea when I planned this a few months ago… It started as a DIY gingerbread house and then turned to a tree when I realized that it would be way more fun for the kids to decorate and create each ornament. However, I have seen the pop up ads on social media for pre-fab kits for this. But be warned! The fun is in the creating! My kids enjoyed creating the ornaments and tree all by themselves! The joy and pride they have after creating something is so amazing to watch and if your family loves crafting like we do, then make it yourselves! It was so easy and will probably cost less.

Felt Christmas Tree DIY 19.jpg

Here is what you’ll need:

Felt Christmas Tree DIY 10.jpg
Felt Christmas Tree DIY.jpg
  1. 1/2 Yard green felt

  2. 4x4” squares of mixed colored felt

  3. Googly eyes & pom poms

  4. Felt Glue

  5. Velcro Dots or Strips

  6. Scissors

  7. Ruler

  8. Chalk

Felt Christmas Tree DIY 1.jpg

To begin this craft you’ll need to cut out the large Christmas tree. Fold the green felt in half. Then use the chalk and roller to map out the shape. Then use sharp scissors to cut out the tree.

Felt Christmas Tree DIY 13.jpg

Place out the colored felt for the kids. Brainstorm ideas on what ornaments. This was the fun part! I helped them create whatever holiday shape that popped into their heads! From Rudolf to candy canes, we made them all!

Felt Christmas Tree DIY 6.jpg
Felt Christmas Tree DIY 9.jpg
Felt Christmas Tree DIY 15.jpg
Felt Christmas Tree DIY 17.jpg
Felt Christmas Tree DIY 26.jpg

Then simply place one side of the velcro on the tree where you’d like to “hang” your ornaments. Make sure to put enough up for all the ornaments the kids have created! Spread them out so each one has room to shine! Then put the other side of the velcro on the backs of all the ornaments.

Felt Christmas Tree DIY 29.jpg
Felt Christmas Tree DIY 14.jpg

Use the velcro dots or strips to hang the tree on the wall. I used a ton to get this to stick to the wall snug enough so the kids could play with with it and take the ornaments on and off! Such a fun interactive holiday decoration. Enjoy and happy holidays to you and your family! The star on top is my favorite part!

Felt Christmas Tree DIY 30.jpg