Christmas Wrapping Paper DIY

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The kids will LOVE this craft! And you will love saving all that money on expensive wrapping paper!

The best part about the holidays is being with the family. We love crafting and love making a day of it at home. I just love that Brent is getting old enough to join in on all the fun too. That’s why I came up with this fun holiday craft. It is great for all ages and can be as elaborate or not as you want!

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Most of us spend tons of money on expensive wrapping paper that all goes into the trash bin right after, but this craft is so much fun to create and makes receiving that present so much more special. Who won’t love getting a gift wrapped in paper made by the kids! I can already see Grandma’s face lighting up!

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All you need is a large roll of butcher paper or craft paper, stickers, markers and stamps! You can also do glue and glitter if you want to add a little sparkle!

Here is what I used:

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  1. Butcher Paper

  2. Holiday Stickers

  3. Holiday Stamps (toddler friendly)

  4. Red & Green Markers

I’ve been taking this craft along with me everywhere, from playdates to pre-dinner entertainment! The kids all love gathering around the large blank canvas and creating!

wrapping paper 3.jpg

To get started, simply roll out the large piece of paper. Make sure the kids have enough space to make a section it their own. Then put out the supplies all along the middle of the paper. The kids will gravitate toward what they want to use to make it their own. Give them options to mix and explore using the different materials. My daughter loved using the makers to write messages and draw holiday theamed shapes. Where Brent was more drawn to the stampers and stickers!

wrapping paper.jpg

How cute did it turn out!?! I also love having the kids help with the wrapping. We can’t wait to give out all our gifts with this special touch! Happy Holidays!

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