Kick off Summer with this Flower Wreath DIY Headband

We are all obsessed with the current snapchat filter of the beautiful festival flower crown and my daughter and I just love playing around looking at ourselves with these beautiful filters too! 

I knew we could make this filter come to life with this super simple DIY craft. And what better way to kick off the summer vibe than getting on trend with this ultra chic hair accessory. 

Dress up any summer BBQ by wearing this stylish flower wreath headband.

How to make:

  1. Headband (We used a couple of Brinkley's old headbands that she doesn't wear often)
  2. Buy or use any artificial flowers your have at home. Here is the link to the ones we used RosesPeony and Orchid
  3. Wire or Pipecleaner (if you want to add Kitty Ears like my daughter did)
  4. Hot Glue Gun (helps to hold heavier items than normal glue plus it dries faster than regular glue so you only have to hold in place for a minute or less before the glue is dry and the item is stuck on securely)

First you'll want to layout your design and place the flowers in a way you'll want them before you glue them on. I used the larger peony flowers for my headband and I added a few of the leaves from the artificial flower arrangement do add more dimension to the design. After trying out a few mixes of roses and peony, I decided on my design and started gluing on the flowers and adding on where I needed. 

For Brinkleys' we started by added the cat ears using a silver pipe cleaner. I wrapped the pipe cleaner around the base of the headband a few times and then formed the cat ear by pinching the top to make a point. Then she chose the orchid flowers to decorate and that was it! 

After using the glue gun on many projects, I let her glue on a couple of the flowers by herself which she was thrilled about! I just warn that you help to hold the item on just incase any glue moves or drips in the process so the little hands don't get burned. It HURTS!! So be so super careful if you decide to let your child help in this process. Brinkley is 6 and does tons of crafts with me all the time and I trust her to a point but am always watching very keenly and never take my eyes of her during this process.

Then we brought our items to a BBQ last weekend and they were a hit with all her friends. They all wanted one and loved dressing up and playing around wearing them.

Make heads turn when your littles (or you... I won't judge!) rock this stylish summer trend!!