Personalized Mother's Day Bouquet Craft

What better way to show mom you care than with this beautiful Mother's Day Craft!
The kids will love creating this fun DIY craft and you will love cherishing it for years to come.

Make it personal with a family photo or just use pictures of the kids like we did. Each child can make their own or they can join forces and make one together.

How to Make:

1. Start by tracing a vase shape on firm paper or cardboard. We used a piece of a cardboard box from one of our recent online purchases.

2. Then have them trace that shape onto a solid piece of paper.

3. They can paint around the shape as opposed to painting the vase itself giving a modern abstract look.

4. Add a personal family photo or individual pictures. I had them trace their faces out of a photo using a coin and then cut and glue on. 

5. Then have your little ones use ribbon or draw a boarder onto the vase. 

6. Once the paint dries you can help them glue on some dried flowers and artificial flowers. I love letting them mixing it up! If you don't have any dried or fake flowers around they can simply cutting out flower shapes or petals with tissue or construction paper. Or draw their own flowers on separate paper and then cut them out. I just love how it turned out!

6. It looks great as is, but by placing any of your children's artwork in a modern crisp white frame like this it will automatically elevates it to a piece of real modern art that you won't mind hanging the walls. But make sure the frame has room to accommodate the depth of the flowers. I used a shadow box frame. 

This can also be a great gift for grandma!

Capturing a moment in time like this makes it a that much more special and important. What mom doesn't want that for Mother's Day?!!

Creating something personal and honoring mom is the perfect idea this holiday!