DIY Jack-O'-Lantern Chocolate Surprise

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My kids are OBSESSED with the little surprise eggs that our local market sells. Everyday after school they want to go and get one and they barely eat the candy and but they love getting the surprise inside. But they LOVE getting the surprise and breaking open the chocolate. So this Halloween I wanted to make them a little surprise just for them with this DIY Jack-O'-Lantern Chocolate!

I love surprising the kids with fun treats and this Halloween I decided to make them an exciting dessert that they won't forget!

I love candy corn and I know not everyone does but my kids do! They must take after me:)
And every halloween season I have a ton of it around the house. And they ask for it for dessert almost every night. It's a good bargaining trick to make them eat all their dinner!

So filling the chocolate with candy corn was not only festive but also something I know they'd love. Your kids not a fan? Don't worry you can try any  Halloween themed candy that they love.

To make this sweet treat here is what you'll need and I've linked what I used:

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First you'll want to wash and prepare the molds. Make sure that the mold is clean and dry before starting. Then you'll need to melt the chocolate chips in a bowl. I just microwave the entire bag for 60 seconds. Then stir. And if needed I will do a another 20 second increments until it's totally melted. Don't over heat the chocolate!! It's better to melt slowly than to burn the whole batch!

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Then you will carefully fill each mold. The trick is to make sure the chocolate is not super runny when filling the molds since you will need scoop out the middle. Once the mold is full, you'll need to shake out the mold to remove any air bubbles. Pop the bubbles with a toothpick or the tip of a pointy knife. Then spread the inner chocolate out to the sides shallowing out the middle of the pumpkin shape. You can use the back of your spoon to do this. Making sure that the sides are as thick as the middle section of the pumpkin shape.

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Let harden for about 1-2 hours. You can leave longer but don't rush it! The center takes the longest to harden and you won't know it's not completely hardened until it's too late! So be patient!

Once the chocolate hardens you can carefully remove the shapes from the mold. Place a small handful of candies into one side of pumpkin shape.

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Then melt a second smaller batch of chocolate chips. Fill this melted chocolate into the piping bag or zip lock. Place two sides together with the candies inside and carefully bond the two together with the melted chocolate. Wipe any excess off with your finger or the back of a spoon.

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Let harden again for at least an hour and then enjoy! The kids were so thrilled to get their chocolate Jack-O'-Lantern dessert!!

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