Christmas Scented Winter Snowflake Ornament DIY

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What a fun and beautiful craft to make this holiday season! Gather 'round the tree with this Christmas Scented Winter Snowflake Ornament DIY.

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Looking for the perfect gift for grandma or need to bring something to your neighbor's tree trimming party?!  Try this simple craft that really makes a statement on anyone's tree. With the added festive holiday scent, it will bring joy all around. A perfect craft for those cold wintery days.

Here is what you'll need:

Snowflake ornament DIY.jpg
Snowflake ornament DIY2.jpg

Then use the molds or cookie cutters to make the shape. Each snowflake is unique and so should these ornaments! 

Snowflake ornament DIY3.jpg
Snowflake ornament DIY4.jpg

Carefully remove the snowflake! Then use a small drop of glitter glue and use the paint brush to gently coat the top and sides with glue.

Snowflake ornament DIY6.jpg

Let the kids get creative by sprinkling on their own choice of shimmery glitter. Or try this beautiful faux sugar crystal sprinkles that I found! They look so good you'll almost think they are real sugar! I also love these little styrofoam balls I found in the DIY slime aisle at Michaels. They add the perfect touch and look just like falling snow.

Snowflake ornament DIY5.jpg

To make this ornament super special and unique we added a few drops of Christmas Wreath scented oil. Who doesn't love the pine tree scent at Christmas time. It fills the room with true Christmas spirit!

Snowflake ornament DIY8.jpg

Use the pointy end of the paintbrush handle to poke a small hole in the snowflake. Simply string a thin white satin ribbon to pull this DIY craft all together creating the perfect shimmery snowflake to hang from the tree! This year and every year to come. *TIP- Let dry flat overnight on a nonstick surface for the best shape.

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Snowflake ornament DIY12.jpg

Try this craft with just your little snowflakes or make it party with a large group! We are making this with Brinkley's Brownie Troup and I know it's going to be a hit and create memories for years to come.