Super Sweet DIY for Grandparents Day!

grandparents day8.jpg

Nothing is more important than making grandparents feel special and this day is here to celebrate them! Everyone loves grandma and grandpa and this adorable surprise will let them know how sweet they are.

They will love receiving this special keepsake from their beloved grandchildren. And will enjoy it for years to come!

grandparents day5.jpg
  1. Simply start by adding a quarter size amount of glue on the palm of the child's hand. I love the purple glue by Elmers because it lets you see where you are putting the glue and dries completely clear!
  2. Then have the child place their hand on a piece of paper leaving there pint sized handprint on the paper. 
  3. Drizzle on the faux sprinkles and let sit till dried. *If you don't have faux sprinkles try using glitter or actual sprinkles or nonpareil sprinkles. However real sprinkles may loose color or fade over time. 
  4. Shake off the remaining sprinkles to reveal their tiny little handprint made out of sprinkles.
  5. Finish by adding a loving message and decorate. We used markers to draw candy and added jem stone stickers to really make this sweet surprise!                                                 
grandparents day1.jpg
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grandparents day7.jpg

This craft is super simple and I know all the grandparents will just love seeing how much they are cared for on this Grandparents Day!