Holiday Bath-time fun! Seasonal Scented Bath Soap DIY

Who's guilty of trying to holiday shop with the kiddos?!!

Well, I am sure we've all been there. But the other day when we were at the local shops, my kids wanted me to buy them the most expensive seasonal soaps and lotions. I agreed, they smelled so good and I actually left wanting them for myself also but I didn't want to spend money on things we really didn't need right now. So, I went home and thought, we can make them something similar with things we already use. 

I took the kids' all natural Aveeno lotion and soap from their bathroom. The ones that won't bother their eyes and I know work well on their skin. Then, I found small travel bottles that I normally fill and use for trips. So, I washed them out and filled them with the kids tear free and all natural products. And here's exactly how I did it! So easy and cost me literally just a few dollars for the products I would have bought anyway! 

  • Use all natural, kid safe shampoo/wash/conditioner (tear free and fragrance free works best, we use Aveeno)
  • Let the kids add a small amount of each product into separate small bowls
  • Then let them add approximately 8 drops to each bowl of your kids favorite scent using skin safe essential oils (we picked cupcake)
  • Stir with a spoon or spatula (the kids will love this!)
  • WARNING-- If desired, add a few drops of food grade dye, like Wiltons (ONLY use a light color, like yellow, to avoid skin staining or color transfer - you don't want to dye your kids hair!) If used in a very small way, you should have no issues with the color however, you can try a small batch to test it out. If this scares you, it is totally not necessary! So just skip this!
  • Stir until color is combined
  • Then, add the product to the travel bottles and label
  • Enjoy! Bath-time, made even better!

The best part about this is that the kids and I are both happy! They get to lather themselves in yummy scented soaps and lotions and I know their sensitive skin won't be bothered by all the harsh chemicals in the store bought scented products! Plus, I wouldn't want to skip out on celebrating the holiday cheer with the kids; using festive products and I may have just made a little extra for myself! Smells so sweet and yummy...