Dyson, Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson has officially come out with a hair dryer! Why not, right? They are experts at creating amazingly lightweight and technologically advanced vacuums so I guess it seems logical to veer off into hair care?!! 

Well, my friend and professional hair stylist, Maddison Cave, has filled me in on this amazing product!

It's called the Supersonic Hair Dryer and it's not only cute and stylish looking but it also is one of the smartest hairdryers ever created. It has won the Best of Beauty Award by Allure The Beauty Expert for 2016. It is super lightweight, has 3 heat settings and the attachments are all magnetic so they don't go flying off while you are drying your hair. It doesn't seem super powerful but it gets your hair dried super quick. And it has super heat sensors that make sure it doesn't damage your hair. Can it really get any better than this guys? The only downfall is the $$$ price tag. It retails at $399!! Well, maybe Santa will treat me to one this year?? It's definitely on my holiday wish list. What's on yours?