Beauty Counter: Their Mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone

My friend, Catherine Moore, (who is currently our Featured Mom!) and I were out one day for lunch! It was amazing, we were both able to pull away from the daily grind to meet up and spend some much needed time catching up. I remember asking her to borrow chapstick or lip gloss because I'm an addict to lip moisture and I immediately fell in love her this soothing glossy balm that she let me use. The natural color was beautiful and something I would definitely wear myself but it was the nice conditioning texture that I really loved. 

She started telling me about the company called Beauty Counter, where she is currently a Beauty Consultant. I love that the products are natural and what the label reads is really what is in the product. I love makeup and making it a healthy option, totally sold me! 

So, now I'm an addict to the Peppermint Lip Conditioner but there are so many more products that Catherine has told me about. Here are some of her favorites... and mine too! 

What kid wouldn't love these bright colored bottles. Beauty Counter even has a Kid and Baby Line. And the kids line is a must have in Catherine's house. Her son and daughter just love the yummy scents and what parent doesn't want there kids to be "Super Duper Clean"... and I right?!!

But for Catherine herself, she is drawn to the eye care line... best sellers!! It's light weight and blends super well with the eye concealer. BTW the mascara is AWARD winning. So, that will probably be my next addiction. I love finding a great mascara!

The line also features tons of amazing serums and a whole line of makeup from lipsticks to foundations to eye shadows. There's something for everyone on your list this year. Check out Catherine's site for all the details.

Looking for a job where you could work from home and manage to get the kids to all their after school activities? Well, this could be a great opportunity for you to join their team. Email Catherine for more detail on becoming a consultant yourself. She'd be happy to answer any questions! Click on her picture (top left) and you can email her directly.