Ladies Who Lunch with The Moms, actress Jennifer Beals & Mederma

I never pictured myself as a lady who lunches, but when I was invited to a beautiful luncheon hosted by The Moms at the iconic Kimberly Hotel in Midtown, NYC, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play the part. 

I put on a pretty dress and dashed off for a nice afternoon with Jennifer Beals and a ton of other fashion savvy moms to chat about all things kids!

Being a mom doesn't always come easy. As Jennifer Beals explained, you have to have a lot of patience and I can totally relate. Raising three kids comes with a lot of bumps and bruises. Especially now that my baby is turning into a toddler (sad emoji face), I see him constantly falling as he navigates this world for the first time. 

That's why I rely on products that are there for you when you need them, like Mederma. A household favorite of mine for years. I used Mederma for the first time when my oldest son, now 8, was a toddler. I remember the day well, as the aftermath is forever ingrained in my memory. He fell face first into a metal bench. The bench left a large gash below is right eye and later turned into a pretty nasty looking shiner. My motherhood duty of protecting my baby was shattered. And I had to pick up the pieces. That's when I turned to the product that would help his baby skin heel. 

Mederma is best known for their scar cream. I remember rubbing the purplish colored ointment on him ritually for weeks making sure not to miss a day. His scar is not very obvious now and I do think this product helped with that. 

But Mederma doesn't just have scar cream and I was lucky enough to try some of the other products. My favorite is the Advanced Dry Skin Therapy Body Wash. The harsh winter air has dried out my skin and soaps can irritate it even worse. I like the gentle cleansing this product provides.

Thanks to The Moms and the Kimberly Hotel for the yummy lunch and Jennifer Beals for sharing your motherhood stories with me. I think your daughter is pretty lucky to have such a loving and caring mother like you! 

Check her out in her new television show Taken, and movie titled Before I Fall