Top 3 Perfectly Light and Fresh Scents

I love perfume but wearing it all day is hard for me because the scents are sometimes too strong and bother me after a while. I have tried a million scents and these are my TOP 3 PICKS!

These are all light and crisp. They smell clean and fresh. Easy to wear all day long.

Oribe Perfume - Côte d'Azur- This smells like the Oribe hair products and is my ultimate favorite right now!

Bobbie Brown - Beach- I've been wearing this for a while now and I still love it. It's very light and reminds me of the beach. I've even heard it smells like sun block hence the name "Beach"!!!

Aerin - Mediterranean Honeysuckle - This is a new scent and may be hard to find. I have wanted to try it since I saw the ad's in the magazines over the summer. I recently was able to find it at the new Aerin counter at the Saks downtown in NYC. I love it and it's so light with a hint of sweetness.