Summertime Fun at Liberty Science Center

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The Liberty Science Center is one of our FAVORITE family fun day trips around NYC. A place where kids are inspired by the pure fun of science and technology. I was so excited to be able to treat my kids to this special event and check out all the fun new exhibits they have to offer! 


The day began at the popular outdoor Dinosaur Dig Exhibit inspired by actual fossils discovered by America's favorite paleontologist Jack Horner (AKA the guy that inspired the Jurassic Park movies!). We put our feet in the sand over looking the Hudson River and NYC skyline. They handed out soft bristle brushes to everyone and let us discover over 60 fossil replicas. The kids loved learning how to be real paleontologists, just like Jack Horner himself! Is your little one as obsessed with Jurassic Park as mine are?! Well, we found T-Rex bones, gaint teeth and even a nest of Maiasaura eggs. A must see before it closes Sept. 3rd.


Now onto the Grossology Exhibit where you'll unearth the science behind all things gross about the human body! What kid doesn't think burps are funny! Brent loved sliding down the stomach and I found Brinkley and her friends sniffing all the bad body odors! So fun and icky! But the kids loved every second of it leaning so much along the way. My favorite was the giant game of Operation that let you put larger than life sized internal organs and bones into the correct areas. The kids would have been happy to stay there all day! 


But we ventured out eventually to Arthur's World for a much more polite exhibit focused on the classic storybook scenes featuring a kid sized kitchen where Brent pretended to make breakfast and set the table in the Read Family kitchen. They loved playing teacher in Mr. Ratburn’s classroom but the best was the tent set up for spooky stories! Every area is so hands on and I loved watching the kids go from one corner to the next touching and testing each section.


If that wasn't enough the kids wondered on to the next area called the Block Party, which is situated between exhibits, where they were encouraged to engineer their own fun using large foam blocks to create the playground of their liking. Similar to the Imagination Playground right near my own neighborhood in lower Manhattan! The kids built their very own fort and even a slide, of course.


Finally, the group headed down to the afternoon showing in the beautiful and did I say MASSIVE Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium to check out the Immersive Visualization of the Orion Nebula. As they say, when it comes to planetariums, size really does matter! With state-of-the-art technology you'll feel like you are right in the middle of space with the vastness of this full-dome movie. You'll get to travel into the heart of the Orion Nebula in a way never seen before. Fun for all ages!

So if your family is getting board from all the downtime or if you just need to get their brains working again amongst all the summer fun, then head over to the  Liberty Science Center to explore STEM concepts, test their imaginations and just have FUN!


The Grossology Exhibit and the Planetarium are available for an extra fee. 

This is a sponsored post but all comments and opinions are my own.