Guide to Packing the Perfect Camp Bag

School is almost out and soon your little ones will be enjoying all those summer adventures. Many will be heading to camp, I know my kids can't wait!
Are your kids heading off to camp? Not sure what to pack? Here are my top picks and all my favorite items I'll be packing in my daughters camp bag this summer! 

All direct links to these items below!

Camper Guide.jpg
  1. Camp Shoe by Native- No need to pack extra water or pool shoes! These are all in one! Sneakers and water shoes. Perfect for all the activities your little one will be enjoying this summer! These rubber shoes are packed with style and comfort. My kids love them and I love them because they are so easy to throw on now matter where we are heading. They are breathable and have arch support. So many patterns and colors to choose from.
  2. A see through bag! I just love this idea because I'll know at a glance what she'll have as she's heading out the door. Forget to pack something? No problem, you'll be able to quickly go through the checklist. Everything gets lost in the bottom of those gigantic backpacks! Not anymore!
  3. Hair ties- This item may not be on all the lists that the camps send home but trust me! They will need these and tons of them during the summer. Going from pool to running around in the heat with all the sports and fun. You'll little one will at some point need a hair tie to two and I just love these fashionable ones and know my daughter will too!
  4. Sunblock & Bug repellent - If you little one is heading out into the grass and woods you'll love this new sunscreen that also has bug repellant built in! How cool is that? My only advice is to also pack a sunscreen for their face. I haven't use this on her face and wouldn't recommend it. This is great for arms, back and legs. This is my opinion! Also, the girls will love the one with glitter!
  5. Full Coverage Swimsuit - This swimsuit is a must! I love the full coverage and if your kids are like mine they never like to put the rash guard on over their suits. This all in one style offers both a swimsuit and rashquard in one! No excuses kids!
  6. A fun portable fan - is a necessity for those long summer days. I love this one and don't forget to stock up on batteries and check daily because the kids love running these all day long and they eat up the battery.
  7. Sun resistant beach towels - are amazing! I love the idea that they'll be getting more sun protection even when they are drying off which is when they need it most! The sunscreen has worn off in the water and they haven't yet reapplied as they sit and dry off after splashing in the water. Plus there are many cute patterns to choose from.
  8. Cool Mist Water Bottle - This water bottle is perfect because it has a built in spritzer on top! Get a cool mist and hydration with this one! And it's light weight.
  9. Wet Hair Brush - The perfect wet hair brush! My daughter has long hair and it get knotty! I love this fun colorful detangling brush for my kids. 

Don't forget to pack all these summer necessities for your little camper!