2018 Back-to-School Bash with Mom Trends

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It's almost that time of year again! So get the backpacks ready and layout their favorite outfits because the new school year is about to kick off! 

We are all in a bit of denial about it over here at my house but I know I need to start planning. We are heading out for over two weeks and when we get back, yep, school will be starting. 


That is why I was so excited to attend the recent annual Mom Trends Back to School Bash! It got me up to speed on all the latest and greatest for my littles ones for this school year and with so many great brands and products on hand they walked me through each step of the way. #MomTrendsSchool


As a busy mom of three I was running to get to the event and didn't have time to eat dinner so I headed straight to the Jarlsberg Cheese station where Chef George Duran from the Food Network cooking up some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. We even got to spin a wheel to see what would be added to our sandwich! So much fun and I have to admit it was probably the best grilled cheese I've ever had! What a perfect way to inspire my packed lunches this school year. I know the kids will appreciate that!


Then I spoke with the woman from Stonyfield one of our favorite organic yogurt brands. They just launched a new on-the-go snack pack perfect for packed lunches. The packs have pretzels and yogurt for dipping. This concept is one of my favorite things. I know my kids will love this treat at lunch time and the cafeteria will be buzzing.


With all the yummy treats I needed something to wash it all down and I was delighted by the delicious juices by Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company. They even paired it with a little splash of champagne! Who would have thought?!


Then a few mom's and I sat down for a relaxing manicure by my favorite at home spa service, Maniorpedi. This brand offers the best manicures and pedicures in NYC in the luxury of your own home or office. Just book your appointment online and sit back and relax, they will do the rest!


Once I was fed and well groomed, I got enjoy a lovely kiddie fashion show with all the latest style trends for back to school. I just loved all the looks by the Tea Collection. This brand has been a staple in my kids wardrobes for years and I just loved seeing all the new looks for the season. Plus the little models were just adorable! And when the weekend hits and it's still 90 degrees out,  SNAPPERROCK has you covered with this super stylish swimwear that is also UV 50+. 


Now to pack up that backpack! All kids need help staying organized and what better way than with the cute and practical gear from Avery. I know Brinkley will love the fun prints! Want to assure they won't loose all this new stuff? Well, we love the personalize labels from  Mabel's Labels. These labels work on everything from books and binders to water bottles and lunch boxes. Even inside their shoes! #Momtip!!!


Need a new printer? Me too... Next up was the trusted Epson brand printer. Now with a cartridge free model. HOORAY!! No more stressing about low ink. With all that work coming in and projects not to mention book reports! I need a new way to help them get the best product of their work back to the teacher! Can we all shout A+!!


Now that the lunch boxes and backpacks are all ready to go! Let's not forgot that heading back to school can come with some qualms. Like the dreaded lice check. My kids like to call it the Lady Bugs who come and check out their hair. Well, if this happens to your little ones the first thing to do is use Vamousse. It is safe and non toxic and offers a one-and-done mousse to rid your sweet little one of those nasty little critters.


This event was amazing and even more so because they partnered with  Kids in Need Foundation to help children in need get a backpack filled with essentials. Just $25 can help, I know I donated! Click here to get involved too. 


Lastly, to keep all that precious cargo safe, we received these super cute  Lock Stars from Hasbro. These little locks are perfect for kids and are also collectable! They can wear them, play with them and come with two locks! What a great idea! 


This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.