Pajama Party Playdate

When is comes to NYC playdates, there is nothing too over the top or lavish. But sometimes the kids just need to chill after a long day or week. 
That why one of my best mommy friends and fellow downtown chic mom, Julie from MissJulieannsblog and I decided to have our girls wear their pjs to this crafty girls night in! 

It included making best friend name bracelets, which my daughter wore for over a month straight and even wore in the shower every night! As well, as pizza and make-believe princess games in my daughters pink pop up castle. The girls had so much fun, they didn't want the night to end...

Making crafts as a girl was a novelty that I loved and it supported my creativity. I know my daughter loves it just as much as I did (and still do!) Creating something special with friends and making memories she'll have forever is important to me as a mom and setting up playdates like these are so simple and so much fun!

Here is what we used: