Pajama Party Playdate

When is comes to NYC playdates, there is nothing too over the top or lavish. But sometimes the kids just need to chill after a long day or week. 
That why one of my best mommy friends and fellow downtown chic mom, Julie from MissJulieannsblog and I decided to have our girls wear their pjs to this crafty girls night in! 

It included making best friend name bracelets, which my daughter wore for over a month straight and even wore in the shower every night! As well, as pizza and make-believe princess games in my daughters pink pop up castle. The girls had so much fun, they didn't want the night to end...

Making crafts as a girl was a novelty that I loved and it supported my creativity. I know my daughter loves it just as much as I did (and still do!) Creating something special with friends and making memories she'll have forever is important to me as a mom and setting up playdates like these are so simple and so much fun!

Here is what we used:

Growing Up Gracie Series... "Gracie and the Lost Christmas Gift"

Typically, we read at least 20 minutes every night. I love how it calms the kids and gets them ready for bed. I also love when I find the older kids snuggled up on the couch together reading their night-time stories while I'm getting the baby to bed.

Tonight we sat down and read the most incredible holiday story by the Growing Up Gracie Series.

The author, Chelsea Triola, told me that she always wanted to write a children's book so she can reach young minds and well, Christmas is her favorite time of year! So with that, she created this beautiful story about little Gracie and the lost Christmas Gift. It teaches the importance of giving during the holidays. 

The book captures the essence of the holiday season and all the mayhem. Follow Gracie and her mom on a shopping trip where they stumble upon a holiday crisis. They make their way through the crowded Christmas chaos to complete an important mission that could save someone's holiday!

I just loved watching my kids as they engaged in this modern Christmas tale.