Pokemon & Shopkins - Easter Egg Hunt with Kinetic Sand

Easter Egg hunt reinvented!

We live in the city and finding a semi-private place to do an easter egg hunt is challenging especially when the only outdoor space in my building isn't even open yet!! That is why I came up with this super fun idea for my kids. No worrying about finding grassy area and just as much fun for them! Plus, the kinetic sand lasts for a long time and you can keep to play with another time. I love putting it out on playdates and letting the kids enjoy the fun texture.

My kids are currently obsessed with Pokemon and Shopkins which are perfect to place inside a little tiny egg. I didn't want to use candy because I know they'll be getting so much of that from the Easter Bunny. 

Here is what you'll need! 

  1. 5lbs of Kinetic Sand
  2. Shopkins
  3. Small Pokemon figurines
  4. Small Easter Eggs
  5. Large Bowl or Bin

Start by emptying the kinetic sand into the bowl or bin of your choice. Make sure there is room for them to move the sand around without it spilling over the top. This large bowl used is very deep and was perfect for this DIY. However, using a plastic bin would work well too. Another option is to try a beverage tub or even a large plastic bucket would also work well.

Then, place the Shopkins and Pokemon figurines into the small easter eggs. The Pokemon toys we ordered were already in an egg so that saved me a step! 

Then cover the eggs deep in the sand and let the kids enjoy searching for them though this thick magical sand that feels like wet sand from the beach. It is easy enough to dig through but harder to find things in as it is denser than regular sand. It is similar in density to brown sugar, just incase you have never touched it. It really does stimulate the senses and can really be soothing to play with. The kids will love this activity this Easter Season.

Want to do this with the kids but don't want to spend a ton? Try using items the kids already own to put inside the eggs.  They will have just as much fun hunting or digging for eggs and discovering what items you have hidden in them! Or try adding loose change. The kids will love adding the coins to their piggy banks.

See what they discover this Easter with this unique Easter Egg Hunt experience!! I know they'll love it. Leave your comments or questions below!