DIY Kids Photo Session

Save yourself hundreds of dollars and give yourself some credit. Who says you need to hire a professional to get that professional looking shot of the kids?

You probably take dozens of photos of them on a daily bases (I actually checked my phone and I did take almost 2 dozens picture of the kids yesterday)... and believe it or not but in the bunch there are at least two great pictures. Now add some natural lighting and a perfect backdrop and you have yourself that amazing picture you've been desiring. 

Like this one I recently took using the backdrop I bought at for Brent's first birthday. I also included the bigger kids in some and wound up with so many amazing pictures I don't even know what to do with them. I wound up printing a bunch and using them as decorations for his birthday party. 

Not to mention we had the best time taking all sorts of pictures and poses. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that aren't staged or orchestrated. 

We had so much fun together too!!!