Make the best BACK-TO-SCHOOL Lunch

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Packing lunches is NOT my favorite thing to do... and I bet you can think of a million other things you'd rather do also.

But seeing the happy faces of your most precious little ones when they see this lunch will make all that hard work totally worth it.

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This year I decided I was going to up the home lunch game by making it way more fun for everyone. I also, have another lunch to pack with Brent starting his 2's program at the local nursery. And that's exactly why this lunch is perfect. Each piece is bite size and totally toddler friendly but just as much fun for all ages.

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So make it a bento box! I love this lunch box by YumBox because it has all the little spots for all the makings of a well balances lunch. When I pack a lunch I sometimes forget to pack all the food groups but with this box, it gives you all the spots to add just the right amount of each; protein, grains, fruits, veggies & dairy.

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And to make it even more fun I used these adorable little shaped food cutters to make each bite taste even that much better! Because they are in heart, start and doggie shapes to name a few!

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Try foods like fruits and cheese that are easy to eat in these little bit sized shapes. I also tried grilled chicken which helps them get a little protein into their lunch. But you can also use eggs or cold cuts. And for the more adventurous eaters try tofu or seaweed.

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I also love these little animal shaped forks and chop sticks that will make picking up these nibbles easier. Plus the kids love using them because they are so cute.

Hope these tips help you make lunches yummier and more exciting for your little ones!

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