Sweet Shape Sorting Potato Bites

My kids are always welcome in the kitchen and although I really hate cleaning up their daily messes, it never holds me back by letting them make a huge mess in the kitchen.

This time I let the kids use metal cookie cutters to make this yummy sweet potato treats!

I have been taking them to kids cooking classes since they were tiny and it's still something they love. Seeing them being interested in food and having fun preparing it is something every mom dreams of for their picky eaters. I know that if my kids make something, then they will try eating it. They don't always like it, but they will at least try it. And that's half the battle, right?!

I now have a new little mouth to feed and as Brent enters toddler-hood, he is getting better at feeding himself and is exploring more types of food than just baby food puree's and simple dishes.

Check out what we cooked up recently and how easy and nutritious these little nibbles are...

Brent loved sorting his shapes and eating them too!

How to make:

  1. Start by slicing the sweet potato into 1/4 inch slices.
  2. Then lay the pieces flat and use metal cookie cutter in all different shapes.
  3. Organize the shapes on a cookie sheet
  4. Preheat oven using the broiler on low to medium heat
  5. Coat the shapes with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt
  6. Broil on each side for about 8 minutes
  7. Cool and serve!